Moon Base (picture from

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Moon Base (picture from by Mind Map: Moon Base (picture from

1. Flat areas to build moon base

1.1. Aristarchus Plateau

1.2. The same area of moon landing

2. Want to face the Sun and Earth

3. No craters!

4. They probably have airtanks

5. Ways to get around:

5.1. Hopping on the moon

5.2. Moon buggy

5.3. Spaceship

6. Helmets, boots, and spacesuits

7. You can breathe in there

8. Treehouse is there

9. Spacesuit room

9.1. Airtanks

9.2. Boots

9.3. Helmets

10. Landing site for spaceships

11. Think back to Jack and Annie finding the moon base in Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon. What did they find there? (picture from Penguin Random House)

12. Watch the video "Tour the Moon" to choose a spot for a new moon base.

13. Watch the video of the first moon landing. What do you notice the astronauts are wearing? How do they move about? How are they breathing in space?

14. Time to create your new moon base! Use the information in the graphic organizer to guide you. What will your moon base look like? Be creative and have fun!

14.1. What things from Earth would you include?

14.1.1. Restaurants, ice cream parlors, candy shops, movie theater, kids play area, gift shops, pools, bowling alley, spacesuit store, museum, telescope shop (or observatory).

14.2. What would the base look like?

14.2.1. It would look a lot like a hotel (multi-leveled)

14.2.2. Dome-shaped

14.2.3. Gravity inside? No gravity inside?

14.3. How would you get around?

14.3.1. Moon buggies

14.3.2. Space pods

14.3.3. Space ships