Explorers and Conquerors of the Age of Discovery

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Explorers and Conquerors of the Age of Discovery by Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors of the Age of Discovery

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Italian explorer and navigator

1.2. Born in 1451

1.3. Came to "America" in 1492

1.4. Sailed to Caribbean and thought it was America

1.5. Sailed the nina, pinta, and santa maria to "America"

2. Ferdinand Magellan

2.1. Spanish explorer

2.2. Born in Portugal in 1480

2.3. Studied navigation as a boy

2.4. Participated in the conquest Malacca's port

2.5. Found better routes to spice islands for Charles V

3. Vasco de Gama

3.1. Portuguese Explorer

3.2. Born in 1460

3.3. Sent to find a maritime ruote to the east by Portuguese king

3.4. First to sail directly from Europe to India

3.5. Voyage was one of the best moments in navigational history

4. Sir Francis Drake

4.1. English seaman

4.2. Born between 1540 and 1544

4.3. First involved in the slave trade

4.4. Choosen to lead an expedition through south Africa in 1577

4.5. Became knighted after the expedition

5. Sir Walter Raleigh

5.1. English adventurer

5.2. Born on either 1552 or 1554

5.3. Established colony near Roanoke

5.4. Imprisoned in tower of London

5.5. Put to death for treason