Storytelling Tools

Keynote given by Helen Baxter, MD of Mohawk Media, New Zealand at the Wai Care Expo in Auckland 2011.

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Storytelling Tools by Mind Map: Storytelling Tools

1. Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

2. Telling Stories

2.1. What makes a story?

2.1.1. Local work the local angles people & places geotagging

2.1.2. Timely what other stories does it connect to?

2.1.3. Relevant why should people be interested?

2.1.4. Enagaging

2.1.5. Inspiring

2.1.6. Great sound

2.1.7. Great images a good picture sells great story

2.2. Think about

2.2.1. What what story do you want to tell?

2.2.2. Who who do you want to read it?

2.2.3. When when is the best time to tell them?

2.2.4. How how will you publish it?

2.2.5. Where? where will you promote it?

2.3. Engaging others - the art of telling the story of your stream.

2.4. Workshop with Suzanne Stickney

2.5. Looking forward to your stories in the Wai Care Awards!

3. Helen Baxter

3.1. MD - Mohawk Media

3.1.1. Creative, strategy, training

3.2. Radio New Zealand - Virtual World (2006 - 2009)

3.2.1. Science & Technology commentator

3.2.2. Afternoons with Jim Mora

3.3. Science Media Centre

3.3.1. Infographics

3.4. Project Twin Streams

3.4.1. Illustrated animations

3.4.2. Effects of climate change on water in Waitakere

3.4.3. RSA animate style Where good ideas come from

3.5. the g33k show

3.5.1. Science & Technology show Launched on Alt TV 2008 Filmed with mobile phone camera Podcast on You Tube

3.5.2. 2009 - 2011 Radio with pictures

3.5.3. Live on Radio Wammo, Kiwi FM Wammo, producer the Climate Show

3.5.4. Podcast to You Tube Web cast on Ustream TV

3.5.5. Tumblr

3.5.6. Twitter

3.5.7. Facebook page

3.5.8. Made with Skype + Prezi

3.5.9. Algae biofuel Prezi Podcast

4. Toolkit

4.1. 1. Research & Sharing

4.1.1. Diigo Digest of Information Groups and Other Stuff Science groups Activities Create Private Diigo group Add bookmarks to group Invite members Add sticky notes Investigate automatic publishing to blogs

4.1.2. Mindmeister Collaborative notes/ideas Activities Create Mindmap Invite participants Collaborate Publish to blog

4.2. 2. eLearning

4.2.1. International Year of Chemistry

4.2.2. The Khan Academy

4.2.3. Science for kids

4.2.4. Science Games

4.2.5. MIT Open Courseware

4.3. 3. Presentation

4.3.1. Prezi Wow factor Learn Prezi How to 'Prezify' your slides Water Prezis Water - a global crises Water and Waste

4.4. 4. Social Media

4.4.1. Promotions

4.4.2. Community Engagement

4.4.3. Participation

4.4.4. Channels Twitter quick links pointing to stories 140 characters or less follow your heroes get onto lists ask for help use hashtags well RTs Facebook pages v groups

4.4.5. Hootsuite Facebook, Linked In, Twitter Crosspost to multiple SM Chanels Track #hashtags Activities Set up Hootsuite account Create Twitter & Facebook Channel Post Rss feed to Twitter

4.5. 5. Mobile Media

4.5.1. Qik Live streaming from mobile phone Activities Connect to You Tube Chanel Set up Qik Account Connect to Livestream

4.5.2. Pixelpipe Images Videos

4.5.3. Strategy Content Hashtags

5. Changing face of Communication

5.1. One way to two way

5.2. Devices

5.2.1. Computer

5.2.2. Mobile

5.2.3. iPad

5.2.4. Consoles

5.3. Stories in

5.3.1. Citizen journalists

5.3.2. Crowdsourcing

5.4. Stories out

5.4.1. Multiple channels

5.4.2. Two way conversations

5.4.3. Feedback

5.4.4. Community engagement

5.5. Changing behaviour

5.6. Showing progress

5.7. Inspiring others

5.8. Hashtags & Meta Data

5.8.1. keywords

5.8.2. description

5.8.3. location

5.8.4. #waicare