Risk, Compliance and Security Management

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Risk, Compliance and Security Management by Mind Map: Risk, Compliance and Security Management

1. Firewall Workflow,Modeling & Change Management

1.1. Checkpoint Software

1.2. Firemon

1.3. ManageEngine

1.4. Redseal Networks

1.5. Skybox Security

1.6. Tufin

1.7. Veriflow

2. Legal and regulatory information governance

3. Privacy

4. Regulations, Awareness and Training

4.1. Computer Based Training

4.1.1. Aujas

4.1.2. BeOne Development

4.1.3. Digital Defense

4.1.4. Fishnet Security

4.1.5. Inspired eLearning

4.1.6. Junglemap

4.1.7. KnowBe4

4.1.8. MediaPro

4.1.9. PhishMe

4.1.10. Phishline

4.1.11. Popcorn Training

4.1.12. Sans Institute

4.1.13. Scipp International

4.1.14. Secure Mentem

4.1.15. Security Innovation

4.1.16. Security Mentor

4.1.17. The Security Awareness Company

4.1.18. ThreatSim

4.1.19. Wombat Security Technologies

4.2. Educational, Awareness & News Outlets

4.2.1. Government Led Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) National Council of ISACs Sector Specific ISACs

4.2.2. Periodicals & Target Roles Channel Managed Security Value Added Reseller CISO/CSO CISO Magazine Indonesia CSO Australia CSO Online Infosecurity Magazine SC Magazine SC Magazine UK Security Engineers/Analysts Infosec Island Infosecurity Magazine SC Magazine SecurityCurrent Techtarget re/code

4.3. Industry Standards/Groups

4.3.1. Standards Technical M3AAWG MITRE NIST IETF

4.3.2. Industry Groups Audit ISACA General Security Information Security Physical Security Forensics Digital Forensics Assocaition (DFA)

4.4. Regulations, Public Standards and Contractual Mandates

4.4.1. Global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) NIST 27001 27002

4.4.2. Country/Region Specific China Singapore European Union EU Data Protection Act United States CIP FISMA HIPAA HITECH State Data Security Laws

5. Security Program and Governance

5.1. Governance, Risk and Compliance

5.1.1. eGRC Integrated Risk Management Agiliance Allgress Brinqa Bwise ClearArmor ControlCase Cyber Observer EMC (RSA) Four V IBM LockPath MetricStream Modulo Nasdaq Ostendio Rsam Compliance and Oversight ACL Bwise Cavirin CMO Convercent EMC Enablon ICF International LockPath MetricStream Protivity Resolver Rivo Rsam SAI Global Spanugo Sword Thompson Reuters Operational Risk Management Covelant EMC (RSA) Enablon IBM Mega MetricStream Modulo Nasdaq Protivity Resolver Rivo SAP SAS Sword Group Thompson Reuters Wolters Kluwer Wynyard Group Vendor Management Agiliance Allgress Brinqa EMC(RSA) LockPath MetricStream Modulo Pravelent Quantivate Rsam Audit Management ACL CMO Software EMC Enablon IBM Ideagen Lockpath Magique Galileo Software Mega MetricStream Morgan Kai Nasdaq OMX ProcessGene Protiviti Resolver Rivo Software Sword Thompson Reuters Wolters Kluwer Audit, Risk & Compliance

5.1.2. Compliance Oriented Private Cloud Hosting (COPCH) Note: This list is not an attestation of compliance ClearData Connectria DataPipe FireHost LogicWorks RackSpace OnRamp INETU

5.1.3. Operational Risk Analytics Algosec Cyber Observer Cytegic Firemon IBM Q1Radar Risk Manager Redseal Networks Kenna Security Skybox Software Development Lifecycle SD Elements Solarwinds Tufin