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1. Types

1.1. Micro Psychokinesis

1.2. Mасrо Pѕусhоkіnеѕіѕ

1.2.1. Atmokinesis

1.2.2. Hydrokinesis

1.2.3. Pyrokinesis

1.2.4. Technokinesis

1.2.5. Vitakinesis

2. Pros

2.1. You don’t have to reach for stuff

2.2. You’re able to carry really heavy stuff

2.3. You can move obstacles aside with ease

2.4. If you’re short you can grab hold of things you would otherwise not be able to grab

3. Cons

3.1. Too conspicuous

3.2. Encourages laziness

3.3. People will want you to help them move their stuff all the time

4. Exercises

4.1. Force exercises

4.2. Spoon bending

4.3. Paper push/pull

4.4. Candle flame bending

4.5. Psi wheel or a round pen/pencil

5. People With Claimed Telekinetic Ability

5.1. Uri Geller

5.2. Nina Kulagina

5.3. Alla Vinogradova

5.4. Stanislawa Tomczyk

6. Where to begin & How to Improve

6.1. Remove doubt: Believe TK exists and jump over the wall of mental and physical doubt.

6.2. Logic: Set aside practicality, and forget reason. To really discover TK abandon logic altogether.

6.3. Purity: TK only works with those of a pure heart. Your intentions must be positive, not for wrong and personal gain.

6.4. Meditation: Helps clear the mind and set the stage for practice and improvement.

6.5. Practice: Don’t give up, try different methods, be at ease, and most importantly, BELIEVE!

7. Incorrect Practice & Wrong Methods

7.1. Do not be stressed or emotionally charged, just determined.

7.2. Don’t rush or obsess. Its not a race or competition, just take you time.

7.3. Don’t carry preconceived ideas, just let it flow naturally. Reason and logic don’t aid TK.

7.4. Don’t get or be frustrated, angry or self-conscious. If you don’t get it right away, don’t upset yourself. Just practice, and in time it will come.