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computer af Mind Map: computer

1. supercomputer

2. computer hardware

2.1. Input Unit

2.1.1. Key board Built in keyboard Ergonomic keyboard Cordless keyboard Portable keyboard Virtual keyboard

2.1.2. Mouse Mechanical mouse Optical mouse Optical mouse

2.1.3. OCR (Optical Character Reader)

2.1.4. OMR (Optical Mark Reader)

2.1.5. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)

2.1.6. Digitizer

2.1.7. Scanner

2.1.8. Light Pen

2.1.9. Joy Sticks

2.1.10. Touch Screen

2.1.11. Point of Sale Terminal

2.1.12. Touch Pads

2.1.13. Digital Camera

2.1.14. Voice Input Devices

2.2. Central Processing Unit

2.2.1. Control Unit

2.2.2. Arithmetic and Logical Unit

2.3. Collect data Unit

2.3.1. Main Memory RAM: Random Access Memory ROM: Read Only Memory CMOS : Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor

2.3.2. Secondary Storage Hard Disk Floppy Disk Compact Disk Flash Drive or Flash Memory SD Card PC card

2.4. Output Unit

2.4.1. Soft Copy Monitor Cathode Ray Tube Liquid Crystal Display Projector Liquid Crystal Display Digital Light Processing Audio Output Speaker Sound card

2.4.2. Hard Copy Printer Impact printer Non impact printer Plotter

3. computer software

3.1. System Software

3.1.1. OS (Operating System) DOS (Disk operating System) UNIX LAN Windows NT OS/2

3.1.2. Translation Program Assembler Interpreter Compiler

3.1.3. Utility Program

3.1.4. Diagnostic Program QAPLUS NORTON

3.2. Application Software


3.2.2. Package Program Word Processor Spreadsheet Database Graphic Game Creating a scenario Communications teach

4. Computer type

4.1. mainframe computer

4.2. minicomputer

4.3. microcomputer

4.4. notebook or laptop

4.5. Ultrabook

4.6. tablet computer