Project management plan (PMP) overview - PMBOK

Project Management Plan (PMP) overview. This gives a summary of the purpose and contents of the PMBOK PMP. Links to related PMBOK templates.

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Project management plan (PMP) overview - PMBOK af Mind Map: Project management plan (PMP) overview - PMBOK

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2. The PMP defines the how

2.1. How you will do the work

2.2. How you will control the project

2.3. How you will Monitor progress

2.4. How you will close down the project

3. Has subsidiary plans

3.1. Scope Management Plan

3.2. Cost

3.2.1. Activity Cost Estimate - excel template

3.2.2. Simple Budgeting Template

3.3. Risk

3.3.1. Risk Management overview

3.3.2. Risk Register Template

3.3.3. Top 20 Common Project Risks

3.4. Resource Planning Template

4. Baselines

4.1. Cost

4.2. Scope

4.3. Schedule

5. Can be a shell for other plans

6. Field descriptions

6.1. Project lifecycle

6.1.1. Describe the phases in the project from start up to close

6.1.2. This might follow a company wide adopted project management method

6.1.3. Include entry and exit criteria Example initiation in PR2 Entry project brief Exit approved PID

6.2. Development approach

6.2.1. Fixed scope Waterfall

6.2.2. Iterative, agile Scrum Kaizen

6.3. Subsidiary plans

6.3.1. Could be Table of contents Links to plans e.g. links to electronic doc File names and paths to separate docs

6.4. Scope baseline

6.4.1. Document the approved variances for the project scope.

7. FREE template