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Future af Mind Map: Future

1. Future Simple + WILL

1.1. Use

1.1.1. Promises I’ll visit you every day. I promise! –

1.1.2. Unplanned actions (spontaneous decisions). When we decide something at the moment of speaking A: He is giving a talk tomorrow B: Oh! Maybe I'll go

1.1.3. Predictions or guesses based on experience or intuition Will he marry Daenerys Targaryen?

1.1.4. Habits When speaking about regularly occurring, repetitive actions in the future She will take English lessons twice a week. She will always greet you.

1.1.5. When speaking about a simple, one-time action in the future I’ll see you tomorrow

1.1.6. Invite someone Will you join us to watch the next episode?

1.1.7. Talk about future intentions or plans We will talk about someone else's life

1.2. Form

1.2.1. Subject + will + verb I think he will regret his choice

1.2.2. Subject + won´t + verb I won't take any equipment with me

1.2.3. Will + subject + verb Will he be angry when he sees me?

2. Future + GOING TO

2.1. Use

2.1.1. Predictions when something in the present leads to a prediction Look at that Dragon! It's going to burn down the wall!

2.1.2. Talk about future intentions or plans We are going to talk about someone else's life I am going to purchase a bracelet