Theories on Langauge Development

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Theories on Langauge Development af Mind Map: Theories on  Langauge Development

1. nurture

2. pragmatic

3. Vygotsky,Bruner Halliday

4. sociocultural interaction,need to function in society results in communication,zone of proximal development

4.1. process, not product of language important, LASS,

4.1.1. Immersion,Demonstration,Engagement, Expectations,Responsibility,Approximations,Employment.Response

5. nativist

5.1. Noam Chomsky

5.1.1. nature syntactic universal grammer,LAD,

6. Semantic

7. Skinner

7.1. semantic, ,syntactic , morphemic

7.1.1. Learning from stimuli,positive reinfrorcements,operant conditioning,association learning,imitative speech nurture A child is considered to be a blank slate,(Karmiloff & Karmiloff-Smith,2001), and learning occurs due to associations established between stimuli, responses,and events that occur after the responsive behavior"(Otto, B. 2010)

8. Behaviorist theory

9. New no

10. Cognitive Developmental Perspective

10.1. Piaget

10.1.1. nurture

11. morphemic

11.1. Stages, Sensorimotor,object permamence,symbols preoperational

12. interactionist theory

13. New node

13.1. Reference

13.1.1. Otto, B.(2010),Language Development in Early Childhood. New Jersey.Upper Saddle River. Merrill/Pearson