21 Day Challenge

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21 Day Challenge af Mind Map: 21  Day Challenge

1. Manage

1.1. Day 8

1.1.1. Mails Bath Brain state as in first 7 years Theta State

1.1.2. Align Declutter Clean Mail

1.1.3. Signature

1.2. Day 9

1.2.1. Todo Lists ?? Should this be done? Should I do ? Previous Night List 80/20 Personal Professional Club Services Fitness Level vs Memory Keep To Do Reminders Zapier

1.3. Day 10

1.3.1. Social Media Persona What you are What you are projecting what you are Negative Lisiting ? Identity Identity Branding Picture

1.4. Day 11

1.4.1. Chrome Extns Grammarly Screenshot Capture and edit tool keep Ad blocker google trans forest currency

1.5. Day 12

1.5.1. Money Tools TDS GST Monthly Sheet

1.5.2. Maintain a deadline List Professional TDS GST Filing GST Payment Salary Date Reimbursement ESI PF Website Renewals Personal Internet CC Bill Phone Bill Gas Order Subcriptions Insurance Policy EB Vechile Insurance Split Expense with Friends Split expenses with friends. Wave Financial: Financial Software for Small Businesses Excel Sheet Expense Tracker

1.6. Day 13

1.6.1. Online Branding What you Stand for ? Purpose Content Plan Industry Mission Positivity Authority CTA

1.7. Day 14

1.7.1. Professional Networking Basic Research? /Event Stall Keynote Speakers Linkedin - Sales navigator Guest Participants List Fb Group Online Portal Style of Card Apprication

2. Accelerate

2.1. Day 15

2.1.1. 15 Factors of Growth Bye to Unhealthy habits Watching TV Serials Netflix Serious News Heavy Snacks / late night meals Oily Foods Online Games Do step by Step Remove Bad Experience Leave the past behind Ignore Negativity Keep Good things around U Time Per hour Value Whats app Try 1 hr once Attending Calls when u are some busy work Start saying No Being part of a tribe Family/ Learning / like minded people Clutter Free Environment MSD Video learning Field Mind /Soul TedX Books Think and Grow Rich The greatness guide Delivering happiness by Zapoos IKigai Audio books Specialised mentors & Coach Career Business Life Hobby heath Choose what is right ,Not What is convenient Network Right Good +ve Friends Never See money in Relationship Workshops/ Seminars - Continuous learning Make time for yourself Relax & Energize Work towards your problem mindfully

2.2. Day 16

2.2.1. 4 Circles C1 Energy Giver Energy Sucker neutral C2 C3 C4

2.3. Day 17

2.3.1. 3 layers of Sales ( NWD Sales Formula) Need Essential ( Very Important) Want Wish for posses Desire Stronger Feel of Wanting Emotion Intuitive sale Value & offer Close the sale

2.4. Day 18

2.4.1. The FCC Formula Focus Enemy Consistency Model Right Environment Commitment Learning Technology Speed of Implemention Daily Improvement

2.5. Day 19

2.5.1. HTG Hope ( Expectation ) Frog Story 1 Curd Trust Frog Story 2 Jio Genuine Approach Intent Talent Right people

2.6. Day 20

2.6.1. Energy ball Chi ball Light Force Energy Present in all objects Use anywhere Positive Energy Self Pets /Animals /objects To Someone Energy Field created with your hands Pulling in energy Steps 1. Wash your hands 2. Rub it 3.Set intention 4.Feel the ball 5.Practice More 6.Add your wish

2.7. Day 21

2.7.1. Life is like a Marathon College life / Reality

2.7.2. Appriciation of you Post this image in Social media #EarlyMorning #HabitChallenge #Done&Fulfilled #Doer #SI #21Days #LiveTheMoment

2.8. Daily lifestyle

2.8.1. Water Therapy

2.8.2. Droplet

2.8.3. 21 + 3 min Meditation

2.8.4. 108 days Challenge

2.8.5. #108dayschallenge #LiveTheMoment #EarlyMorningTribe #SpreadPostiveVibes

2.9. Other courses Plan

2.9.1. You and you --> 21 Days

2.9.2. You & Business Time Energy 38 hr month 4 Hr extra /Day Chakras Panchabutham Pink Pyramid Meditation

2.9.3. You & Relationship

2.9.4. You and Health

2.9.5. you and the world

2.10. Feedback

2.10.1. #HabitChallenge #5am #21days Feedback

3. Understand

3.1. Day 0

3.1.1. Plan your day a night before

3.1.2. Water Bottle

3.1.3. Pen & NotePad

3.1.4. Difference Experience

3.1.5. Trust the Process

3.1.6. Telegram

3.1.7. Community

3.1.8. Hashtag #PositiveVibes. #EarlyMorning #Livethemoment

3.2. Day 1

3.2.1. Purpose One Positive Word Describe 5 Positive about yourself Water therapy Drinking Water Life? Purpose of life itself is to find what life is !! Unexamined life is not worth living Simply living Happiness ? Inward Outward Ladders to became a leader Purpose of Life Ikigai Approach Question Approach 5 Question Approach Pain Mission Statement

3.3. Day 2

3.3.1. Decide We really didn't know what we want in life We didn't get , because we are unsure about it No Fear Vs Fear Fear No fear

3.3.2. Where I am going Your Dream life Old patterns ? Living others dreams Stop Settling for less What do I want - Decide Demand More out of you Here to Where ? Job / Career /Work / Business Finance Health Relationship Personal Goal Share /Give /Contribution Hobby & Interest Thinking Small Vs Thinking Big Where ? (Goals )+ 3 Steps Super Mario Game Model Immediate Action Item For a year Removing and Limiting Beleifs What is Stopping you ?

3.4. Day 3

3.4.1. Bucket Lists What is Bucket List ? list all the goal that you want to achieve ( Small /Big doesn't matter Dream you want to fulfil Things to do before you die Life Experience moments Why ? Daily Activities ? No Tangabile Outputs ? A bucket list opens up the context for your life List to identify everything that you wanted to do - whether it small or big / Purposeful or Randam Planning all the highlights of YOUR life Create your Bucket List Do you have bucket list ? What What if you were to die tomorrow if you have unlimited time / Money / Resources Always wanted to do that ? Country ,Place ? Biggest goal ? Posses Something ? Dream ? Special Moments that you want to witness ? Experience you want to have / feel Activities you wanted to learn ? Any Specific Individual , you want to meet ? Ideas Travel all over the world before 50 /50 Learn one New language Try a profession in a different field Ideal Weight Marathon New Sport Scuba Diving Skiing Trek Experience Snow Horse Riding Zero Gravity Gardening Climb a mountain Learn a Strategy game Talk to your School / College teachers Talk to your old Frd Let some one knows he /she is means to you A kind deed Surprising Some one Making a difference in someone’s life Be a mentor to someone Pursue your passsion Start a business Hot air balloon Singing / dancing in front of audiences Perform in Stage Talk in front of larger audiences Be a friend to stranger Cup of tea with him Walk in a rain Run in Bare foot Experience nature Experience sunset Solar Eclipse Experience stargazing Grow a pet Plant a tree Ted Talk Publish a Book Be a mega party Tasting Wine Learn New Skills in your domain / new Learn musical Instruments Dance Martial Arts Road Trip Backback - Go to random location without a plan Dolphin Show Live a another country for 6 months Act in a film Start a youtube Channel Get featured in TV /Media Create your own dream home Cook for some one special Learning Cooking from Mom Stay in a forest at-least 7 days Read a book Fly a kite Fall asleep in grass or sea shore Eat healthy food Conquer your biggest fear Mediations jogging Yoga Get out of past unhappiness moments Ship ride Visit a valcono Fly in helicopter Do something completely crazy Tel your parents / siblings that you love them Roller Coaster ride Learn Farming Visit Cattle Gain Enlightenment lazy Guy Tip Bucket List website

3.5. Day 4

3.5.1. Vision Board What is that ? Physical Representation Visual / Write - subconscious mind will like Why and how they work Law of Attraction Goal without a plan is a dream Sub Conscious mind Actionable Goals My Personal Experience 1st job in hey feed back - Paypal office Buying Car Guest Speaker Moving to new Job Facebook Developer Circle Chennai - Co- Lead Entrepreneurs / Celebrities Connect Traveling Aboard Global Entrepreneurship Summit @ Hyd Vision Board & Manifestation Physical Digital What has to go into it Specific What it should not have Do not let others influence you Shorter Vs Longer Sooner you make sooner you achieve Stickers Design Digital Physical Be at Peace Create your Vision Board 3 big goal + 13 Small Goals Edit - Word Doc / Canva.com / Spark pics - unsplash.com / pinterest You take control of your life

3.6. Day 5

3.6.1. Declutter Life Declutter Mind /Space /Objects Why ? Lockdown File Declutter - Objects Declutter -Space Declutter -Mind Declutter Electronic Devices Task

3.7. Day 6

3.7.1. Self Concept 3 parts( Together Your Personality) Determines Self Ideal Self Image Self Esteem Exercise (Mobile App -Vision Board )

3.8. Day 7

3.8.1. My Value Systems Values Standards or ideals with which we evaluate actions , people ,things No compromise Zapposs The Zappos Family Core Values Top Value which I follow Keep it simple Think Like a Customer Trust People Collaborate Like The Army And Believe in Team Work Take Pride-For doing a great work. /Take credit Nail about basics first; and worry about specifics later. 80/20 rule Be prepared for continuous learning Think on paper Client is human; understand his emotions Don’t assume; just ask It is okay to do mistakes; but don’t repeat the same mistake again 10 Values you stand for Honest Trust Frienship Adding Value Keep up promises / Commitment / Words Peristent https://management30.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/big-value-list-management30.pdf Feel Like King Tip First Tip double in Small Areas See the Happiness in their Face Remember Emotional Bank Account Legends /brands World Class player Industry leader List Top 10 things that they do!! What we have to do ? What we have to do differently

3.9. Action Items

3.9.1. Daily Rituals 21 min Recap 7 Take aways Recap of the day Think Through Plan the next day Gratitude Journel My Life is My responsibility - 100% Announce I Affirmation | Action

3.10. Daily Routine -21 Min Ritual

3.10.1. Mission + Values | Stand For 1min

3.10.2. Goals 5min

3.10.3. Vision Boards 5min Feel /Emotion

3.10.4. Bucket List 5min

3.10.5. Affirmations 5min Repeat /Emotion/ Sound

3.10.6. Water Drops in the Body

3.10.7. Water Therapy

3.10.8. 3min Meditate