Sport Business Mentor

This map is to create a simple way to create an execution plan for any project. In this chase, is about a specific product.

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Sport Business Mentor af Mind Map: Sport Business Mentor

1. Phase One - Establishing The Project

1.1. Select social media channels to go for our customer target

1.1.1. LinkedIn

1.1.2. Facebook Groups

1.2. Optimize social media profiles to show professionality and create confidence

1.2.1. LinkedIn

1.2.2. Facebook

1.3. Assign tasks to team members + establish weekly goals

1.3.1. Use platforms as Trello, Whatsapp, Zoom to meet with your team and check how they're doing and what is the status of the project

1.4. Create project roadmap of the project

1.4.1. Milestones e.g. Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 complete

1.4.2. Leadership e.g. Goal setting, KPI’s

1.4.3. Operations e.g. Brainstorming, Review, Risk Analysis etc

1.4.4. HR e.g. Feedback between team members/employees. Policies etc.

1.4.5. Marketing e.g. Competitive analysis, PR

2. Phase Two - Validation Process

2.1. Research where we can find our Minimum Viable Audience

2.1.1. Make ourselves members of Facebook & LinkedIn Groups (The number of groups depends on the quantity of the members and the potential reach you could have)

2.1.2. Find football coaches from our personal network, entrepreneur or social media

2.2. Make contact with our MVA through the selected channels

2.2.1. Get some insights from their experience. The point is understand what's happening to them, showing real interest in their problems.

2.3. Structure SBM marketing message supported by something

2.3.1. For this case, the report about the 3 steps on how to run a business is the what we would need to

3. Phase Three - Lead Generation

3.1. Ask if they want the report we did to capture their attention (Giving them something valuable without asking for something)

3.1.1. First, we need to ask if they're interested on the report and then we go for the lead (Permission Marketing) Save their personal info in our DB and share the report

3.2. Generate and reach leads to attain financial goals, which is the key point in every business

3.2.1. Total leads: 6700 Weekly leads: 670 Weekly sales: 20 Daily sales: 4

3.3. Follow up the next 1 or 2 days the people who was interested in the report

3.4. Start a conversation with the potential customer to find what are their potentials needs

3.4.1. Create and use diagnosis questions in an specific order to simplify the process

4. Phase Four - The Conversation Process

4.1. Identify their paint points, and arrange a meeting to present them the solution/product

4.2. Arrange a video call with the customer to present SBM solution

4.2.1. Set up Calendly to arrange the meetings

4.2.2. How SBM can help them solve their problems

4.2.3. Show them success stories from other coaches

4.2.4. Talk about the monthly subscription

4.2.5. Offer the 7 days free-trial

4.3. At the end, the "sale" should happen by itself because you were just channel of communication

5. Phase Five - Customer Support

5.1. Let always clear to the customer channels to help them with any problem and be polite

5.1.1. Messages through the whole process, first time using the platform, welcome process, how they can reach the company, etc.

5.1.2. If someone is struggling make sure to contact them and help with the issue

5.2. Attend to meetings with Sasi and the customers to give him support

5.2.1. The point is offer a better services, look out for important questions that wasn't solve and avoid frustration from customers.

5.3. Find out the feedback and evaluation initiatively after every lessons

5.3.1. Polls after each lesson finish, an automatized system can help you

5.3.2. Sort and classify the different kinds of questions, then give to the coaches team groups.