Running with Scissors: Happiness CMA Talk

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Running with Scissors: Happiness CMA Talk af Mind Map: Running with Scissors: Happiness CMA Talk

1. 5. Stimulate til the cows come home

1.1. sharing whats inside your head

1.2. your reality is no one else's reality

1.3. unique perspectives, share views

1.4. inspire, inspire, inspire

1.5. everybody sees the world differently

1.6. build commercial time in to make it work, it doesn't just happen

2. 1. Employ Positive People

2.1. Collect happy people

2.2. Find happy people by listening to what they say

2.3. Could vs should

2.4. Atitude to life

2.5. Dont suck the life from them

3. 2. Give people something to believe in

3.1. Clear on vision

3.2. be clear on what you stand for

3.3. Values

3.4. Core beliefs at RWS:

3.4.1. 1. Anything is possible

3.4.2. 2. Doing whats right is the right thing to do

3.4.3. 3. There is no need to be a dick

4. Positive, happy people, solve problems more creatively and are happier for it

4.1. Creating happiness in business model

5. 3. Take Pride in Purpose

5.1. stop telling people how far they can think

5.2. utilise purposes rather than job descriptuions

5.3. everybody knows that they are a small cog in a big wheel and its valuable

5.4. utilise a purpose frees people up to do what they think is right. use imagination. no boundaries

6. 4. Make the workplace work harder

6.1. make the environment work for you

6.2. Spoitfy premium

6.3. creating a place thats fun, spend a lot of time there.

6.4. representation of the people who are working there, not just the owners

7. Must remember

7.1. People are responsible for thier own happiness

7.1.1. money doesnt buy happiness, but can buy things to make it possibel to create a happy environment

7.1.2. Take it to work like a packed lunch

7.2. Nuture happiness

7.2.1. dont make people unhappy

7.3. happiness is powerful

7.3.1. frees positivity

7.4. allows people to think the unthinkable

8. Happiness is creatively the most powerful thing you have