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Bronchiolitis af Mind Map: Bronchiolitis

1. Meaning

1.1. Refers to the swelling of the small airways, mainly the moquillos of infants 1 year of age (Infant The period extending from 28 days to 24 months) .1 In most cases, bronchiolitis is a precursor of asthma and is characterized by runny nose, cough and difficulty breathing in infants with or without fever, chaired by an upper respiratory infection, such as coryza or otitis media.

2. Symptoms

2.1. The first symptoms are the appearance of mucus and cough, similar to a cold. You can also include fever, usually at the beginning. Then, within 2-3 days into the box, starts shaking and breathing difficulties. Also manifest wheezing (a whistling that makes breathing) and the child has difficulty feeding.