Riley's Aspirations

Create a Market Plan for introducing a new product or brand

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Riley's Aspirations af Mind Map: Riley's Aspirations

1. Do Cool Research

1.1. JPL

1.2. SpaceX

1.3. Gates Foundation

1.4. Breakout Labs

1.5. Molecular Foundry

1.6. Working in Kettner's Lab

1.6.1. Training

1.6.2. Channels

1.6.3. International

1.6.4. Public Sector

1.6.5. Sales

1.6.6. Marketing Communications

1.6.7. Product Management

2. Viral Imaging

2.1. X-Rays: SpaceX

2.2. JPL: crystalography

2.3. Adam Zlotnick: Indiana

2.4. Luciferase Imaging

2.5. Flow Cytometry: Lauer

3. Get Published

3.1. Lauer Lab

3.1.1. Service Offer What are we selling? Product Definition Pricing Packaging Positioning

3.1.2. Value Proposition What is the Value Proposition to the Customer? What pain are we solving?

3.2. Powell Lab

3.2.1. Revenue Forecasts Revenue and P&L Forecast (5 Years) Revenue should be split out quarterly

3.2.2. Cost Analysis Should include a description of the costs in entering this business and profitability analysis

3.2.3. Profitability Analysis P&L for the offer to include gross margin, net income and break even analysis.

3.3. Andrea Cox

3.3.1. Sales Strategy Direct Sales Strategy Inside Sales Strategy Channel Sales Strategy

3.3.2. Partner Strategy Channel Strategy What 3rd party channels should we consider for reselling this service? Technology Partnerships What technology vendors (if any) do we need to work with to execute on this plan? Solutions Partners

3.4. Drew Pardoll- Grad School

3.4.1. Positioning & Messaging What is the key messaging and positioning for the service offer? (Pain, alternatives, solution) How do we communicate internally? How do we communicate externally?

3.4.2. Promotion Strategy Marketing Programs (Installed base versus new prospects) Advertising (Publications, etc.) Analyst Relations (Target Analysts) Public Relations Events (Trade shows, SEO/SEA, Seminars) Webinars

3.4.3. Demand Generation & Lead Qualification How do we generate and qualify new leads for the target offer? Prospect Lists Key Questions to Ask Sales Collateral Presentations Data Sheets White Papers ROI Tools Other Sales Tools (web site, etc.)

3.5. Publish Own Virology work

3.5.1. Numbers, budget, waterfall, break-even (cost>leads>trials>deals)

3.5.2. Sales Programs

3.5.3. Accelerated Learning Strategy, Controls, Metrics

3.5.4. Include feedback loops

3.5.5. Include financial metrics (definition of success)

3.5.6. Pipeline reports, etc…

3.6. Baltimore Lab

3.6.1. M&A?

3.6.2. Risk Analysis & Mitigation

4. Learn Cool Things

4.1. Novel Vaccines and Adjuvants Meeting

4.2. ASCO

4.3. BayBio Fellowship

4.4. Representations Theory

5. Be Happy

5.1. Have Free Time

5.2. Interesting Friend Group

5.3. Swim

5.4. Do things you don't hate

6. Get Things Done During the Thiel Fellowship

6.1. Paper

6.2. Acquired

6.3. Get into college?

6.4. Figure out actual career paths

6.5. Discover something

6.6. Research as Creative Process