Photographer's Eye

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Photographer's Eye af Mind Map: Photographer's Eye

1. invention of photography

1.1. creative issue; how could photos that were created so simply have such meaning?

1.2. those who still loved painting did not support photography; baudelaire; "This industry, by invading the territories of art, has become art's most mortal enemy."

1.3. photography turned into a popular phenomena; some produced by knowledge, skill, sensibility, invention , accident, improvisation, misunderstanding, empirical experiment

1.4. dry plate made photography easier

1.5. "less is more" ; small things of little importance became the big things

1.6. two ways a photographer learned

1.6.1. good understanding of tools and materials

1.6.2. other photographs

2. photography itself

2.1. must learn to recognize how intricate the world is and to be patient and know how it works

2.2. factuality of pictures

2.2.1. different than reality; filtered out

2.2.2. too much exaggeration

2.3. image in the end "survives subject"

3. detail

3.1. scattered clues recorded as found

3.2. subjects seen as not so important before are now magnified and intensified to provide details that forces the individual to see this subject in a different light

3.3. relieves storytelling; instead of telling a story, makes these images or symbols more realistic

4. the frame

4.1. brings two figures who are standing farther apart together

4.2. picture edge; line that separates in from out

4.3. due to economical and historical reasons, photographs and the exposed plate were the same size

4.4. the edge of the picture set croppings and balanced out the composition

5. time

5.1. photography is only the present

5.2. time segment of seconds;images come out abstract but considered as interesting

5.3. technology improved and shutters became faster; moving subjects became a new phenomena

5.4. decisive moment; the lines and shapes that outline the moment and not a story but an image

6. vantage point

6.1. seeing from the vantage point; images give a scene but withhold meaning, not a story, just an image

6.2. photography has affected many artists and individuals by expanding their reality and capturing moments from reality and simplifying them

6.3. photography has turned into a phenomena and affected not only technology but our sense of reality and consciousness