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Malware af Mind Map: Malware

1. Trojan

1.1. What is it??

1.1.1. Trojans are malicious programs that perform actions that have not been authorized by the user

1.2. Effects and Impacts

1.2.1. Slow the machine, gets controlled by the person who made/sent it your way, unauthorized athority, etc.

1.3. Example

1.3.1. Trojan-IM

1.3.2. Trojan-Spy

1.3.3. Trojan-Downloader

1.3.4. Trojan-Banker

1.3.5. Trojan-SMS

1.3.6. Trojan-DDoS

2. Spyware

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Its a type of Malware made to monitor or spy on you. Created to extract information you dont want to send out, hence the name spyware

2.2. Mode of Transmission

2.2.1. I gets on to your machine when you download Spam MP3s, Videos, or even forcing you to download harmful software

2.3. Effects and impacts

2.3.1. It gets installed on a computer without you knowing that its there and collects information and sends it back to it's creater

3. Virus

3.1. What is it??/

3.1.1. It is a computer program that copies itself by attaching itself to other files and and destroying them

3.2. Mode of Transmission

3.2.1. Through coping spam e-mail, or infected file on to your computer. Even by putting in an infected storage device can effect your machine.

3.3. Effects and Impacts

3.3.1. It usually slows the computer's processing speed and sometimes corrupts your data and files.

4. Worms

4.1. What is it??

4.1.1. Like the Virus it can do very harmful thing to your computer but it does not need to attach itself to other files and programs to multiply.

4.2. Effects and Impacts

4.2.1. It slows the performance of the machine and can carry other harmful files like Malware, Spyware,etc.

4.3. Examples

4.3.1. Morris

4.3.2. I Love you LONG TIME

4.3.3. Blaster

4.3.4. Nimda

4.3.5. Storm