The Ku Klux Klan

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The Ku Klux Klan af Mind Map: The Ku Klux Klan

1. The current Klan has some 152 independent chapters - Ebbe

2. In 1920' there were more then 4 million members (Julie)

3. In 1870 and 1871 the KKK fell apart (Julie)

4. The first KKK was founded in Tennessee USA year 1885 (Julie)

5. he organization started in 1865 in Tennessee but a few years later extinct it. In 1915 it all started over again, and 5 years later more than 4 million people was connected to the organization. (Ida)

6. Aside from Canada there has been various attempts for the KKK to happen outside of America. In Australia throughout the 1990's, former one nations member Peter Coleman established branches throughout the country. (Lenita)

7. In the 50-year period 1885-1935 over 3000 blacks were lynched. (Lenita)

8. The History:

8.1. The clan started in Tennessee in 1865 (Laura)

8.2. "Ku Klux" comes from the Greek word kyklos and mean circle. So The Ku Klux Klan means the circle Klan (Christina)

8.3. in 1920s there were 4-5 millions members in the KKK (Christina)

8.4. In 1915 the second Klan was founded in Atlanta, Georgia - Ebbe

8.5. from the early 1900s to 1940 1.5 million blacks left the South because off the KKK (Omar)

8.6. In 1940 during WWII the KKK joined an organization partly financed by the government of Nazi Germany. They also received funding (money) from Germany but all that ended when Nazi Germany was defeated and the war ended. (K.E.)

9. The Ku Klux Klan today:

9.1. Today day the KKK is pretty small, but they still believe in the KKK (Christina)

9.2. Today there is about 6.000 members - Omar

10. The name: Informally known as"The Klan", "KKK" or "The Hooded Order" Invisible Empire of the South (Dorthe)

11. Their ideology (what do they believe in and fight for?):

11.1. The Ku Klux Klan attacked the black citizens by breaking into their houses and torturing them in the most inhuman ways. They the also murdered many blacks. (Amanda)

11.2. The KKK belived in white supremacy. That only white protestands could live in America and the believed that only whites could (Amanda)

12. Their costumes:

12.1. They are wearing a white robe, a red badge with a cross on the chest, a belt arround the waist, and a white sharply pointed hat. (Laura)

12.2. The KKK members wore white hoods and burned crosses to show the power of white pride. (Amanda)

13. Who they are

13.1. They call themselves someone who has pride of their race, and they don't tolerate gay marriages. - (Maria)

13.2. They are some racist whites in the south that formed a racist organization called the ku klux klan. They were the first klan to be founded in Tennessee back in 1865. - (johanne)

14. originally

14.1. In the beginning was the clan thoughts only to scare the black . Before the civil war in 1865 , and Negro emancipation was a different concept , Night Riders. They were used to intimidate Negroes from running away from their owners .(Elias)

15. marlboro has been supported by the Ku Klux Klan who also stands today kkk (victor)

16. The burning cross is used as a symbol of Christian fellowship (Gustav)

17. The name is from the Greek word kuklos which means circle (Gustav)