What is Photography?

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What is Photography? af Mind Map: What is Photography?

1. Why do people take/ make photographs?

1.1. Last longer than memories

1.2. To record the moments

1.2.1. could be of beauty

1.2.2. To remember

2. Why is photography important?

2.1. To capture the moment so you can remember it forever

2.2. To be artistic/ a way to express yourself and your emotions

2.3. Some people have an "eye" for it,

2.4. Can change your perception

3. What skills do you need to be a good photographer?

3.1. You don't need any skills

3.1.1. It is all about personal opinions of whether you like the pictures they take or not

3.2. Different opinions

4. How many different kinds of photography can you think of?

4.1. Digital media

4.2. Pinhole photography

4.3. Cameraless photography

5. How does photography help us see the world?

5.1. Cameras see differently to our own eyes.

5.2. Cameras are used for science

5.2.1. see on microscopic levels/ planets that are far away

5.2.2. doctors use cameras/ xrays

5.3. cameras used for different depths of field/ focus

5.4. Cameras used to remember moments

6. Can photographic images trusted?

6.1. No, models in magazines are mostly airbrushed or photoshopped.

6.2. Bad representation as everything can be changed digitally.

7. What are the similarities and differences between photography and other types of visual art?

7.1. There are always an intended audience

7.2. Photography that is unedited is more of a real representation whereas other types of visual art may not be.

8. When would it not be OK to take a photograph?

8.1. When you are asked not to by anyone that may be in the image or on their property

8.1.1. At inappropriate moments like funerals

9. Are photographers also artists?

9.1. Yes, because art and photography link together and aid each other.

9.1.1. Everything created is art which means they are all artists.

10. Where is the best kind of photography interests you most?

10.1. Digital media

10.1.1. Landscapes

10.1.2. Sunsets

11. Where is the best place to see photographs?

11.1. Books, on the internet?

11.1.1. Best place is probably at a gallery in an exhibition as it is quiet and people can concentrate more on the art

12. What confuses or frustrates you about photography?

12.1. Some pieces of art that are extremely abstract to the point where you can't see what the image is of.