The Golden Gate Bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge af Mind Map: The Golden Gate Bridge

1. External forces

1.1. Dynamic load

1.1.1. is a force that may change rapidly Snow Hail

1.2. Live load (static load)

1.2.1. It could be cars, trucks, animals, etc. Bird Bike

1.3. Dead load (static load)

1.3.1. The dead load is the structure itself with gravity acting on it

2. Purpose, from and function

2.1. Form

2.1.1. The Golden Gate Bridge is a solid and frame structure. The frame structure works together to resist force

2.2. Purpose and function

2.2.1. The purpose of the Golden bridge is to travel people from place to place from San Francisco Bay to San Francisco and Marin County. San Francisco Bay and connects San Francisco and Marin County.

3. Type of structure

3.1. this structure is a frame because of the steel bars fastened together

3.1.1. bars fastened together with screws

3.2. This structure is also solid structure because of solid supporting colums

3.2.1. Solid parts

4. Internal forces

4.1. Tension

4.1.1. The cables pull on each other from both sides. Rubber bands act like the wires

4.2. Compression

4.2.1. when the support beams are touching the ground, both sides are pushing against each other. this shows compression. Gravity

5. How does the structure support loads.

5.1. The support beams support the whole structure and lets the vehicles through, therefore preventing the bridge from collapsing

5.1.1. Bridge collapsing

6. Centre of Gravity

7. COG

7.1. COG is the point of balance for a object

7.1.1. its important because without it the structure will lean side to side and eventually fall over because there no balance to the object.