BMC Remedyforce Integrations

BMC Remedyforce Integrations overview. Pentaho, OneLogin, Data handling, Out of the Box, SCCM, Cloudcoach.

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BMC Remedyforce Integrations af Mind Map: BMC Remedyforce Integrations

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2.1. 2 - 3 days

3. asset core

3.1. 2 - 3 days

3.2. note Shiham said 5 - 8 days

4. pair with config mgt session

4.1. how structure


6. pentaho vs one login

7. automated discovery tools

7.1. SCCM

7.2. BMC Atrium Discovery

7.2.1. ADDM

7.3. BMC FootPrints Asset Core

7.3.1. BMC BCM

8. pentaho vs one login

9. DATA into RF

9.1. via pentaho packages

9.1.1. is ETL tool

9.1.2. typically one way scheduled data transfer

9.1.3. examples BMC software data from monitoring tool

9.1.4. drag and drop no code

9.1.5. visual desinger

9.1.6. native and flexible for all big data sources

10. BUNCHBALL gamification

11. OTB integrations

11.1. BMC client management

11.1.1. native

11.1.2. set up from application settings in RF

11.1.3. what you can do operational rules can be linked to a specific task may need approval to run an operational rule based on approval process defined in BMC remedyforce import and link client mgt devices from incident can also view live snapshot of client MGT device

11.2. EMAIL

11.2.1. examples bladelogic service automation email to create change or incident when bladelogic finds compliance violations BPPM - monitoring tool sends email when an event has taken place for incident generation proactive net performance mgt End user Experience mgt creates and assigns a RF incident when an alert is generated integrate Nagios SCOM server

12. CLOUDCOACH proj mgt

12.1. use dashboard in RF

12.2. use cloudaction gantt chart

13. Bunchball Nitro

13.1. Gamification

13.1.1. incentivise agents to resolve tickets

13.1.2. earn points answer incidents create knowledge for example

13.1.3. earn rewards from points

13.1.4. competition between helpdesk


14.1. may be OTB though

14.2. always one way upload of data into RF

14.3. Automated API web service calls

14.3.1. e.g. auto create an active directory account or reset password based on status change

14.3.2. admin configures task or incident in RF to call external web services based on event

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