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1. Usage of the TL

1.1. The future continuous refers to an unfinished action or event that will be in progress at a time later than now. The future continuous is used for quite a few different purposes.

1.2. The future continuous can be used to project ourselves into the future.

1.3. The Future Continuous tense is often used in English as a way to talk about something happening at a given point in the future.

2. Form of the TL

2.1. Subject + WILL + BE + Verb (continuous form)

3. Time expressions

3.1. The future continuous tense is commonly used with the following time expressions: while, when, this time tomorrow, this time next week, in the afternoon, next month, next week, next year etc.

4. I will be talking to my friends about eco town next week

5. Will you be going with us to Gaviotas next year

6. We mainly use the Future Continuous to indicate that we will be in the middle of doing something in a specified time in the future.

7. Good to know. If you want to learn about somebody's intentions, you should always use the Future Continuous rather than the Present Simple. Using the Future Simple implies that you want to influence somebody's decision. Questions become much more objective if formed in the Future Continuous.

8. What will you be doing tomorrow at 14 pm? Write 2 sentences. 1. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________________________________

9. Imagine that you're a movie star with a busy day tomorrow. Write down 5 things that you will be doing tomorrow. Start with 8 am. E.g.: "I will be going to ... at 10 am." 1. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________________________________________________

10. Tomorrow at this time, you will be taking an exam about eco towns