What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? af Mind Map: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

1. Camera Work

1.1. The technology I used to take my photos for my preliminary task was my Samsung Smartphone, now looking at the photographs for my final magazine it is clear to see that just by switching the camera to a Panasonic camera the quality of the photographs is completely different.

1.2. To take my photographs for my final photo shoot of Harmonee I used natural lighting instead of the camera flash as we were in outside in the daytime, I also the normal camera filter as well as a black and white filter so that I could change the look and mood of the photographs.

1.3. I need to improve on keeping all of my images inside the grid as sometimes this caused problems with how it looked on the magazine so I then would have to switch to a different photograph.

2. Photoshop

2.1. Towards the very beginning of the course I was not that familiar with Photoshop and this caused a lot of struggles towards the beginning when trying to piece all of my designs together.

2.2. After learning and discovering how to work Photoshop to the best of my ability, I was able to create new looks to a photograph.

2.2.1. I was able to alter the colour levels of my photographs that I had taken from my photo shoot and I did this by changing the brightness and contrast. For some of my images I was able to crop them so that the girls looked more in proportion with the frame and the crop tool also helped when unnecessary items appeared in the photograph (for example, people walking past from the side).

2.2.2. Using the horizontal type tool, I was able to add the required text for my magazine. This tool helped a lot as it allowed me to change the fonts, colours etc. so that I could make the text stand out and also fit with the overall design.

2.3. The one piece of knowledge that really sticks in my head as being something that I will remember and take forward in other pieces of work I do, is the 'Magnetic Lasso Tool'. From my survey is was clear that my audience liked colour on the front cover so this tool allowed me to keep the black and white images but create a spin on them by changing the colour of certain areas.

3. Wix.com

3.1. Before I started this course, I had never used Wix before but now I have I would try and use it again. I found it quite easy to navigate around Wix and create a layout that I liked however, if I was to do it again I would try and find a simpler way for me to upload videos etc onto the blog as this caused a lot of difficulty, especially in this evaluation process.

3.2. From using Wix, I was also able to learn how to change the formats of files so that they upload onto the website; for example, I was able to learn how to upload video's onto Youtube so that I could then publish it on my Wix website.

4. Internet

4.1. The internet throughout this process has been a massive help. The internet allowed me to research into certain magazines however, sometimes not all the information was there so you would have to think of alternative ways. For example, I wanted to find out the distributer of 'Under The Radar' magazine but when I went onto the website I couldn't seem to find it; though the internet did help in the end as I was able to email the magazine and they were really nice and emailed me back to let me know who distributed their magazine.

4.2. Using Facebook Messenger, really helped me in my production work. It allowed me to keep in contact with Harmonee and for us all to plan outfits and work out times that were suitable for all of us when it came to the photo shoot part.