Studying,understanding, and remembering

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Studying,understanding, and remembering af Mind Map: Studying,understanding, and remembering

1. 8.2 How memory works

1.1. Short-term memory

1.1.1. Store información for about 30 second

1.1.2. Can handle from five to nine chunks of information at one time

1.1.3. Information either forgotten or moved to long-term memory

1.2. Long-term memory

1.2.1. Procedural - remembering how to do somethings, por example driving car

1.2.2. Semantic- remembering facts and melanina por example your mother´birthday

1.2.3. Episodic- remembering events, including their time and place, por example Your first da y of school

2. 8.3 Improving your memory

2.1. Review notes

2.2. Mind maps

2.3. Flash cards

2.4. Summaries

2.5. Mnemonics

3. 8.4 Studying to understand and remember

3.1. pay attention

3.2. Choose memory improcedente strategies (learning styles: aural,visual,reading, kinesthetic

3.3. Test yourself, or ask someone else to test you

3.4. Make studying a daily habit

3.5. Make sufre checa múltiple online sources

3.6. Having the big picture will help you understand and remember the details

3.7. You will find many connections between course material and your daily life

3.8. Get organized

3.9. Reduce the stress in your life( managing time,energy,and money)

3.10. Collaborate( study groups )

3.11. Get a tutor

4. 8.1 Studying in college: making chicles and concentration

4.1. College-level Learn era, you may need to change old habits and make romero for new habits that will lead you to success.

5. Tech Tip Use the Cloud

5.1. Dropbox

5.2. Google Drive

5.3. MediaFire