European Revolution of 1848

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European Revolution of 1848 af Mind Map: European Revolution of 1848

1. French Revolution of 1848

1.1. bad weather affected agricultual

1.1.1. Food prices rose Poor economy

1.2. Tension rises as liberal banquet was banned

1.2.1. This caused heavy protest on the french streets

1.3. King Charles X was overthrown

1.3.1. Stepping stone to oppose absoultism

1.4. Treaty of Chaumont

1.4.1. Bourbon dynasty restored

2. The Italian Revolution of 1848

2.1. Civil unrest in vienna

2.2. Italian areas were self goverened

2.3. Italian Peninsula

2.3.1. Austria and Italy were fighting for it Italians were successful and regained Milan

2.4. Demanded free press

2.4.1. 1834 first attempt at revolution

3. Revolution of German Lands 1848

3.1. Policies of lands varied

3.1.1. Constitutionalism

3.1.2. Nationalism

3.1.3. liberalism

3.2. Includes Serbian and Croatian revolution

3.3. Wanted a Single parliment

3.4. Led to Metternich being forced into exile

3.5. habsburg Austrian Emperor had authorized a "Pillersdorf" constitution

3.5.1. odds with opinion then being popularly expressed by liberal

3.6. 1848 Prussia, Brunswick, and Hanover, sent forces into Holstein

3.6.1. May Prussian forces penetrated into the Danish province of Jutland