Explorers and Conquerors

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Explorers and Conquerors af Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. discovered "New World"

1.2. 1492

1.3. opened Americas up to European colonization

1.3.1. also said to have destroyed natives and their culture

1.4. attempted to, but did not reach, Asia

1.4.1. traveling in search of spices

1.4.2. died thinking he reached Asia

1.5. Italian traveling for Spain

2. Jacques Cartier

2.1. sent on voyage to North America by King Francis I of France

2.1.1. in search of gold, spices, and other riches, as well as passage to Asia

2.2. took 3 voyages under orders of King Francis I

2.3. credited with discovery of Prince Edward Island

2.4. credited with exploration of St. Lawrence region

2.5. French

3. Hernando de Soto

3.1. discovered Mississippi River in 1539

3.2. second in command to Francisco Pizarro's conquest of Peru

3.3. appointed captain of cavalry exploration troop

3.3.1. for 1514 expedition to West Indies

3.4. de Soto's 3rd voyage traveled using Mississippi River

3.4.1. would mark first time European travelers did this

3.5. Spanish

4. Juan Ponce de Leon

4.1. led exploration to what is now coast of Florida

4.1.1. originally looking for "fountain of youth", but stumbled on coast

4.2. given governership of eastern province of Hispaniola

4.3. given permission to explore island of Puerto Rico

4.3.1. 1508-1509

4.3.2. founded a settlement in Caparra, near San Juan

4.3.3. named governor of Puerto Rico after returning to Hispaniola for supplies

4.4. Spanish

5. Samuel de Champlain

5.1. established settlements of New France and city of Quebec

5.1.1. also governed the lands

5.1.2. Quebec established in northern New France

5.2. joined du Pont's expedition in to Canada in 1603

5.2.1. did not have an official title

5.2.2. proved usefulness, giving him opportunities for future expeditions

5.3. fought first major battle against Iroquois in 1609

5.3.1. cemented hostile relationship between Iroquois and French lasted more than a century

5.4. French