Explorers and Conquerors

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Explorers and Conquerors af Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Completed 4 voyages across Atlantic ocean

1.2. Born before October 31, 1451 in Republic of Genoa

1.3. Wanted to find route to Asia

1.4. Discovered the Americas (Bahamas) accidentally

1.5. Searched for riches/treasure for the king/queen of Spain

1.6. His voyages caused centuries of exploration in the Americas

2. Ferdinand Magellan

2.1. Voyaged around the world

2.2. Discovered straight connecting pacific and atlantic ocean

2.3. Named after him- straight of Magellan

2.4. Unknowingly discovered trade winds

2.5. Voyage began w/ 5 ships and 200 men, only 1 ship and 18 men returned

2.6. Died in Philippines battling Natives

3. Juan Ponce De Leom

3.1. May have accompanied Columbus on voyage to West Indies

3.2. built settlements in Hispaniola in early 1500s

3.3. Spanish monarch sent him to Puerto Rico after rumors of Gold

3.4. Wanted to voyage to Bimini- rumors of fountain of youth

3.5. Landed on north America mainland

3.6. Named the region Florida (meaning flowery)

4. Hernan Cortes

4.1. Deafeated the Aztec empire in 1521

4.2. Took Tenochitilán, the Aztec capital

4.3. Sailed to Mexico against Velazquez's (governor) orders

4.4. Sailed with Diego Velazquez to conquer Cuba

4.5. Montezuma II and Cortes started as allies

4.6. Sank his ships, survival by conquet

5. Henry Hudson

5.1. Tried to find passage from North pole to Japan and China

5.2. Enslavement and diseases destroyed most of Puerto Rico's native population

5.3. Made first voyage westward from England in 1607

5.4. Hired to find short route to Asia through Artic ocean

5.5. 4 total voyages (some unsuccessful)

5.6. Never met his goal, although many things are named after him

6. John Cabot

6.1. May have developed idea to sail west to Asia

6.2. Made landfall in north America in 1497

6.3. took possession of the land for King Henry VII

6.4. Presumably died on second voyage to north America in 1498

6.5. Determined shorter route to north America from british colonies

6.6. Influenced by Columbus' exploration