Tools to Enhance Your Personal Productivity Environment

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Tools to Enhance Your Personal Productivity Environment von Mind Map: Tools to Enhance Your  Personal  Productivity  Environment

1. In Plain English (Excellent Tutorials)

2. Social Sharing/Web Marketing Tools

2.1. Content Sharing

2.1.1. Curriki

2.1.2. ProProfs

2.1.3. GoogleDocs

2.1.4. SlideShare

2.1.5. Wisc Online Learning Object Repository

2.1.6. MERLOT

2.2. Blogging

2.2.1. EduBlogs

2.2.2. Wordpress

2.2.3. Blogger

2.2.4. Microblogging Twitter Utterli Yammer

3. Audio

3.1. Chinswing

3.2. Skype

3.3. Pandora

3.4. Live Messenger

3.5. Auda City

3.6. Sony Sound Forge

3.7. SoundBible

4. Graphic Editors and Graphichal Representation

4.1. picnik

4.2. snipshot

4.3. doppelme

4.4. tag crowd

4.5. Wordle

4.6. Gliffy FlowCharts

4.7. Eclipse Crossword Puzzles

4.8. tineye


4.10. shrinkpictures

4.11. fotoflexor



5. Screen Capture Tools

5.1. Captivate

5.2. Jing

5.3. Adobe Presenter

5.4. Camtasia

5.5. SnagIt

5.6. ScreenToaster

5.7. ScreenCast-O-Matic

6. Polling Tools

6.1. Zoho Polls

6.2. Search Twitter

6.3. Surverymonkey

6.4. Zoomerang

6.5. Polls Everywhere

6.6. Doodle

7. Presentation Links

7.1. Designing Interactive Courses

7.2. Customization

7.3. Age Cohorts

8. Books, news, articles


9. Borrow/Use Content

9.1. Curriki

9.2. NROC

9.3. ProProfs

9.4. SlideShare

9.5. Graphic Sharing Flickr CC

9.6. McGrawHill (and other Book Mnf)

9.7. Wisc Online

9.8. MIT Open Courseware

9.9. Carnegie Mellon Open Courses

9.10. Open Yale Courses

10. Wikis

10.1. PbWorks

10.2. Wikipedia

11. Collaborative Mapping Tools

11.1. mindmeister

11.2. mindomo


11.4. text2mindmap

11.5. gliffy

11.6. Wallwisher

12. Websites that Teach

12.1. Go2.0Web

12.2. MakeUseOf

12.3. Faculty Resources (Many like this)

12.4. UD TechToolKit

12.5. All My Faves

13. Social Networks and Individualism

13.1. Ning

13.2. Pageflakes

13.3. iGoogle

14. Content Creation

14.1. Engage

14.2. Toondoo

14.3. VoiceThreads

14.4. Prezi

14.5. KeepVid

14.6. Dipity

14.7. Articulate Storyline

14.8. Xtranormal

14.9. Voki

14.10. Design Quips

15. Good Videos

15.1. Critical Thinking

15.2. Machine is Us/ing Us

15.3. 5 Minute University (humor)

15.4. Medieval Helpdesk (humor)

15.5. TeacherTube

15.6. SchoolTube

15.7. ArtSchool (humor)

15.8. Art School (humor)

15.9. Youtube

16. Sending Large Files

16.1. File Url

16.2. Dropbox

16.3. Evernote

17. Chrome Extensions

17.1. AppJump App Launcher and Organizer

17.2. Diigo Bookmark, Archive, Highlight and Sticky Note

17.3. Drag2up

17.4. Greplin

18. Automation Tools


18.2. Zapier

19. Communication Tools


20. Testing Web Page tools

20.1. Google PageSpeed tool

21. Mobile App Resources

21.1. Sidebar

21.2. Pttrns

21.3. Mobile Design Inspiration

21.4. iconmonstr

21.5. Behance

21.6. Android Niceties

21.7. Pixxel

22. Finding, Selling and Converting Customers To Long Term Buyers

22.1. Copywriting How To's

22.1.1. E-books, Articles, Infographics, and Guides to Get You Started with Web Copywriting Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger Copyblogger’s Copywriting Library The Definitive Guide to Copywriting Free Copywriting Worksheets by Copy Hackers The Ultimate 101 List of Copywriting Awesomeness: For Startups & Small Bizzes That Want to Write Sweet Web Copy… Sans Pain 20 Killer Web Copywriting Tips Introducing The 6 + 1 Model For Effective Copywriting (Better Than AIDA!) 20 Websites With Carefully Crafted and Convincing Copy Copywriting Cheat Sheet [Infographic] How People Read Online [Infographic] Grammar Girl

22.1.2. Must-Read Books on Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting Tested Advertising Methods Scientific Advertising How to Write a Good Advertisement The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand Breakthrough Advertising

22.1.3. Copywriting Courses Copy Hackers Conversion Copywriting Course Fired Up & Focused Bootcamp Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Copy Hour Kopywriting Kourse John Carlton’s Simple Writing System

22.1.4. The Best Websites and Blogs about Copywriting CopyBlogger The Gary Halbert Letter The Rant The Copywriter’s Crucible AdCopyWriting Copy Hackers Blog Bencivenga Bullets Nick Usborne The Copywriter’s Roundtable Copywriting on KISSmetrics Copywriting on Unbounce Copywriting on ContentVerve Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

22.1.5. How to Write Amazing Headlines How to Write Magnetic Headlines 4 U’s of Web Copywriting: Tips for Writing Great Headlines & Copy Can You Write a Better Headline Than This? Not Using Old Headline Formulas You Can’t How to Write Headlines That Work 10 bitchin’ tips for writing irresistible headlines How to optimize headlines using the 65 character rule 9 Steps to Write Your Ultimate Home Page Headline Avoid the Headline Holdup: Learn How to Unplug The Bottleneck in Your Business How To Make That One Thing Go Viral. Just Kidding!

22.1.6. How to Write Phenomenal CTAs (Call to Actions) 21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs High-impact Button Copy – How to write calls-to-action that convert [VIDEO] 14 Real-Life Examples of CTA Copy YOU Should Copy 6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons What Makes a Great CTA? 10 Examples With Test Ideas to Improve Conversion 5 Tips On Writing Compelling Call-to-Action Copy [SLIDESHARE] The A/B Test That Improved Call-to-Action CTR by 211% [Case Studies] How Failed A/B Tests Can Increase Conversion Rates

22.1.7. SEO Copywriting – How-To’s, Tips, and Best Practices 10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines Top 10 SEO copywriting tips for getting high rankings How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions 6 Killer SEO Copywriting Tips From @Copyblogger How to Craft Phenomenal SEO Landing Pages That Rank and Convert

22.1.8. How to Write E-commerce Copy that Sells E-Commerce Copywriting: The Guide to Selling More 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell Mobile Ecommerce Copywriting: How to be a welcome addition to your visitors’ mobile experiences The 4 Pillars of Ecommerce Copywriting 7 common copywriting mistakes in eCommerce Teardown Tuesday: Product Detail Pages Are the Gateway to Your Cart [VIDEO] 6 Steps to Selling More [Infographic]

22.1.9. Conversion Copywriting and Landing Pages A Practical Marketers Guide to Writing for Conversion How to Write a Long Form Sales Page How to Write Web Copy that Converts – 8 Simple Techniques Based on 4 Years of Research 10 Super Smart People Talk Copywriting for Conversion How to write copy that converts [Video] Conversion Rate Optimization on Unbounce Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page [Infographic]

22.2. Copywriting Tools


22.2.2. WebFonter

22.3. Paid Search Marketing Resources

22.3.1. Introduction to Adwords Search Engine Marketing Guide Differences between SEM and SEO Introduction to AdWords Bullet Points to Read before Starting Your AdWords Campaign Top Ten Myths about PPC Marketing Introduction to Pay Per Click Search Marketing – Part 1, part 2, and part 3

22.3.2. Google Adwords AdWords for Startups AdWords Help Center The Definitive AdWords Audit Guide Are You Making These 10 Common Google AdWords Mistakes? Using AdWords with Google Analytics 5 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Adwords Campaign How AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Can Be Used to Promote Your Mobile App Five Pillars of AdWords Success Using Google AdWords for Effective Online Marketing 5 Conversion Tracking Tips for AdWords Setting up Conversion Tracking Google AdWords New Ad Rank Formula: What You Need to Know Check and Understand Quality Score 3 Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Quality Score Google AdWords – Easy Tips for Bloggers and Small Business Owners 5 Keyword Tips for AdWords Beginners How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch) How to Use Keyword Planner 11 Successful AdWords Ads and Why They Crush the Competition 10 Tips for a More Effective Paid Search Marketing Campaign The Worst PPC Mistakes Beginners Make (and How to Avoid Them) 6 Ways to Reduce Wasted AdWords Spend How to Find the Right Words for Your Paid Search Campaigns PPC Marketing: 10 Tips for Better ROI PPC/SEM Analytics: 5 Actionable Steps to Improve ROI Seven Pay Per Click Mistakes to Avoid Are You Making These Three Fatal PPC Marketing Mistakes? How to Write and Test PPC Copy That Converts

22.3.3. Getting Advice and Support Official AdWords Community Google Partners AdWords experts on Clarity