The Sunbringer Project (Happiness is a Choice)

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The Sunbringer Project (Happiness is a Choice) von Mind Map: The Sunbringer Project (Happiness is a Choice)

1. Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell)

1.1. 01 The Ordinary World

1.1.1. Limited Awareness of the Problem The Hero find himself fighting against his Environment What was your dream? Where is your dream now? What made your dream to disappear? Some kind of polarity in the Hero's Life is pulling in different directions and causing stress Reality of ourselves vs Reality of the others Unable to focus

1.2. 02 The Call to Adventure

1.2.1. Increased Awareness of need for Change Something shakes up the situation Internal forces External forces The Hero must face the beginnings of a Change

1.3. 03 Refusal to Call

1.3.1. Fear, Resistance to Change The Hero feels the fear of the Unknown and tries to turn away from the Adventure

1.4. 04 Meeting with the Mentor

1.4.1. Overcoming Fear The Hero comes across a easoned traveler of the worlds This traveler gives him something that will help him on the Journey The Hero reaches within to a source of courage and wisdom

1.5. 05 Crossing the Threshold

1.5.1. Committing to Change The Hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World He enters a new region with unknown rules and characteristics

1.6. 06 Tests, Allies and Enemies

1.6.1. Experimenting with New Conditions The Hero is tested The Hero finds alliagencies

1.7. 07 Approach

1.7.1. Preparing for Major Change The Hero and his allies prepare for a Major Challenge

1.8. 08 the Ordeal

1.8.1. Big Change with feeling of Life and Death The Hero meets his worst fear and face the death Out of the moment of Death comes a New Life

1.9. 09 The Reward

1.9.1. Accepting Consequences of New Life The Hero acquire the treasure There is still danger to lose the treasure

1.10. 10 The Road Back

1.10.1. New Challenge and Rededication The Hero completes the adventure and leave the Other World The Hero takes the treasure back to Home

1.11. 11 The Resurrection

1.11.1. Final Attempts, Last-minute Danger The Hero is severely tested again on the threshold of home His purified by the last sacrifice The polarities are finally resolved

1.12. 12 Return with the Elixir

1.12.1. Mastery The Hero goes on bringing some elements of the Treasure that has the power to transform the World

2. About Me

2.1. Doctor Ivan Ferrero

2.2. Psychologist, Psychotherapist

2.3. [email protected]


3. Depression: the Dark Void

3.1. Feeling Well!!!

3.1.1. Spirit moves the person Need to express ourselves Freedom of movement Being part of...

3.1.2. Broadening our feelings range Broadening our Personality

3.2. Living like a machine

3.2.1. Depressed vital energy Feelings are shut down Plain voice Stiffening Death Weight that hold you down

3.2.2. Need to re-activate our feelings Crying Hitting Rebellion Love scream Rolled towel Mobilize the voice Broadening the sense of living Increasing the pleasure Other Love objects become available

3.3. Emotional Disease

3.3.1. Anche depressa fisicamente Accasciato Fiacco Muscoli no tono Pallore Pelle cadente

3.3.2. Mind perception

3.3.3. Unable to reply and cope with it Personal failure Retierement/Resignation

3.3.4. Inner void + lack of real pleasure We don't allow ourselves to It's allowed/It's not allowed Creation of illusions

3.4. Scream that asks for Love

3.4.1. Perception of loss of our Love object Past Predisposing event Present Trigger event A trace of Hope is still present Shame Often there's not a real loss Mother-son relationship issue

3.4.2. No instinctive coping to the loss

3.4.3. Living in the past

3.5. Direction of the person

3.5.1. Toward the external Dependence Support dissolves Faith to an external thing Oral stage Blurred consciousness of ourselves

3.5.2. Toward the internal Better perception and feeling of our Self Interior faith Primal identification with ourselves He knows what he wants

3.6. Narrow Vision

3.6.1. Illusory Reality Pursuing the Illusion Not able to reach the hoped benefits Elation Fast thinking Self esteem Energetic charge Conflict Ego Body Powerlessness not accepted

4. Tools to be Happy

4.1. Let your good feelings to stand out

4.1.1. The Good Feelings Shining Technique Write a Diary Write your Good Feelings Write you Bad Feelings Tear out the pages with Bad Feelings Throw them in the rubbish bin Sometimes go back and have a look at the remaining pages