Leadership - Past, Present, and Future

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Leadership - Past, Present, and Future von Mind Map: Leadership - Past, Present, and Future

1. Transition of Leadership

1.1. Leadership is moving from having 1 leader and a follower, to having teams.

1.2. We no longer want to train leaders, we want to train all people to work in teams and be active participants.

1.3. More autonomy and empowerment given to workers now.

1.4. Become more broad definition of leadership

1.5. Must be able to adapt to change

1.6. Requires motivation and influence.

2. How does this relate to the classroom?

2.1. Students are now working more in teams rather than having content presented to them and them sitting and taking notes.

3. Leadership in the past

3.1. Leaders are responsible for developing behaviors that will help followers reach their goals

3.2. Leaders would make the decisions and need the support of the followers.

4. Peter Singe

4.1. Bring human value to the workplace

4.2. People being part of the team

4.3. Learning how to go about change

4.4. Recreating ourselves - Building a new identity

4.5. Building a shared vision

4.6. Team Leadership

4.7. Seeing the big picture

4.8. Thinking about long term ramifications

4.9. Fostering openness

4.10. Aspects of leadership

4.10.1. Leader as Designer - Having influence

4.10.2. Leader as Steward - Relating how they do what they do

4.10.3. Leader as Teacher

4.11. Some Limitations

4.11.1. Ahead of his time in thinking

4.11.2. Some people just want to go to work to do their jobs