Validity and Reliability

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Validity and Reliability por Mind Map: Validity and Reliability

1. Reliability

1.1. Test-Retest or Stability- Tells us if the the measure being used can measure the same way over time

1.2. Internal Consistency

1.2.1. Split-Half Methods- used to measure a test using one half at one time and using the other half at another

1.2.2. Alternate forms or Equivalence- Presents if two different tests can measure the same thing

1.2.3. Kuder-Richardson Methods- Can be used without slitting a test. Tests how items which have as much in common with one another

2. Validity

2.1. Content Validity- Tells us if the test materials are doing what they should

2.2. Construct Validity- Is a way of determining if a new item being measured is doing what it should

2.3. Criterion-Related Validity

2.3.1. Concurrent- Measures that can be done similar to one already exsisting

2.3.2. Predictive Validity- Measures that can predict future tests