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Welcome Activity por Mind Map: Welcome Activity

1. Positive Learning Environment - I will make sure my students have a positive learning environment by telling my students by getting to know them on an individual level, putting positive quotes around the room and by providing positive feedback on assignments.

2. Social and Emotional Needs of students- See Students as Individual people, establish a support network, and lastly, build real life connects with each student. (Mork, Eliuk, and Potvin,2011)

3. Fostering Student Ownership - I will foster student ownership by allowing my students pick what for example how many math problems to do or what essay question to answer out of three or even do a self evaluation and ask the questions what did I learn today, how can use this information for homework or assignment and lastly do I still have questions about the assignment.

4. Fostering empathy with my students- I will foster empathy with my students by letting them know I was once a student myself and I understand what they are going through because I have been there before.

5. Safe and secure classroom climate- I will foster a safe and secure classroom by letting my students know they can come to me about anything and I will be there to listen. I will make sure the classroom climate climate is secure by arraigning the classroom in such a way that maximizes interaction, encourage participation in class discussions, model learning about diversity and actively intervene in the class when needed.(Learn center,2005).

6. Providing students chances to succeed- I will give my students chances to succeed by being peer tutors and helping those students who are falling behind, and by doing interesting projects.

7. Eliminating fear and failure in the classroom- I will let my students know they are smart and that they can do anything if they set there minds to learning. I will also let my students know that it is ok to fail and we all need help from time to time. Most teachers get upset when students don't grasp the work . I will not get mad I will just offer before and after school help for those who need it. I will also tell my students that no one is perfect and if they are then show the class. When I give my rules at the beginning of the year I will let my student know that no one will be humiliated in my class or they will get detention.