Shopping Cart Integration

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Shopping Cart Integration por Mind Map: Shopping Cart Integration

1. User Area

1.1. Load designer with template

1.2. Load designer with product

1.3. Save/Load/Share design

1.4. Upload own image

1.5. Order design

1.6. See design preview in shopping cart

1.7. Revise design

2. Admin Area

2.1. Manage product

2.1.1. Background images Upload background image Upload product mask image Define printable and croppable areas

2.1.2. Available colors

2.1.3. Decoration colors

2.1.4. Manage product location images per color

2.1.5. Manage colorised area for single image option

2.2. Published API

2.3. Manage artwork gallery

2.3.1. Ability to define colorised areas

2.4. Manage fonts

2.5. Manage colors

2.6. Templates

2.6.1. Manage templates for product

2.6.2. CRUD for existing templates

2.7. Decoration pricing

2.7.1. Silkscreen: based on color and quantity

2.7.2. Vinyl Cut: based on lettering/artwork used

2.7.3. Digital: based on locations designed

3. Admin Area Orders

3.1. Production SVG download

3.1.1. Each SVG is saved and linked to each order.

3.1.2. Ability to download ZIP package of design should be available.

3.1.3. Convert SVG design to EPS using Inkscape

3.2. Converted PNG preview download

3.3. Download original user uploaded file(s)


4.1. Critical feature

4.2. Extra feature developed for $