August ToDo

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August ToDo por Mind Map: August ToDo

1. List for August Roll Out

1.1. Titles of analytics that should be available they may be scratched from the list?

1.2. What is known about what must be validated and when it will be validated ... a validation schedule for early August?

1.3. Training for EC members before roll out?

1.4. Temporary login path [ redirect?]

1.5. AD account credentials, but different password. No single signon from portal

1.6. Mtg w/Chris&Rob before 8/8?

1.7. Collection/action system for EC comments

2. Interaction with Sherry's team

2.1. Work hours

2.2. Machine naming conventions

2.3. Software reload because of installer ID

3. Steering Committee Mtg

3.1. Continued emphasis on:

3.1.1. Validation efforts including corrections that must be made

3.1.2. Who will process error rows in error tables and how much time/week?

3.1.3. Time to completion monitoring for open validation items

3.1.4. Beginning customization in DEV/TST/PRD. Bringing these new technologies into the fold of normal operations

3.1.5. Staffing contract for ETL customizations untl LSC staff person is hired and perhaps trained

3.2. New Status

3.2.1. OBIEE in DEV/TST, and PRD

3.2.2. DataStage TST and PRD, DEV maybe

3.2.3. Initial customization of RPD file

4. Important questions

4.1. Five nines?

4.2. Number of servers in our written scope 2x{(4x2), (4x3), (6x3)}?

4.3. Security groups for OBIEE

4.4. Automating OBIEE security based on OPRID roles

4.5. Tidal responsibility

4.6. Production monitoring "hookups"