Planning the project - Romanian Traditional Fair

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Planning the project - Romanian Traditional Fair por Mind Map: Planning the project - Romanian Traditional Fair

1. Get started!

1.1. Interview with a professor of Romanian literature

1.2. video editing

1.3. making a selection of relevant musical works

1.4. Uploading the video on Youtube

1.5. Doing the English subtitle and posting it on the internet

2. Reasons for making the video

2.1. - To present the Romanian traditional aspects;

2.2. To present issues relevant to our area (we had this in mind that our city, "Targoviste" has a name with economic significance)

2.3. To create a video that could be integrated in the curriculum as a teaching certain subjects (economics, literature Romanian)

2.4. Video can be used as a teaching tool for teaching / learning

3. Follow-up

3.1. achievement of learning materials that integrate and conducted video-based IT component

3.2. lesson plans

3.3. creating learning / assessment materials


4.1. Identifying representative fairs in the county

4.2. Identifying in Romanian literature some novels showing aspects of Romanian fairs and how to trade it was in 18th-19th centuries

4.3. Analysing passages aimed economics

4.4. Interviews with traders in a modern fairs

4.5. Recording video relevant to contemporary fair