Input Devices/Output

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Input Devices/Output por Mind Map: Input Devices/Output

1. basic and most recognizable input device point and click, user can select and choose icons.

2. Digital Camera- allows a user to capture images and then input them, also allows for video web chats , streaming video , and the recording of images and audio(with a microphone also an input device)

3. Touchscreen- allows a user to select icons and images on the screen by a simple touch of a finger , helpful for users who don’t type , and make compact devices possible as it eliminated the need for a keyboard and or mouse.

4. Scanner - allows the user to scan and input images pictures and documents

5. Printers- Allow created and edited documents to be printed or have a hard copy made, along with images and graphics to be printed onto paper for mass destruction.

6. Speaker- audio playback, music, sounds. User can listen to lectures, audio instructions, and or music and sounds.

7. Monitors-present data in a visual format or documents and images in a soft copy

8. Storage Devices- storage devices like jump drives , cd’s , and dvd’s allow for large volume storage and sharing of files , work can be created and uploaded or downloaded as needed and physically transported to a different computer or network .

9. Keyboard- allows user to type in text and to enter phrases and words for search, to create documents and input alphanumeric symbols.

9.1. Keyboards