Project Progression

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Project Progression por Mind Map: Project Progression

1. Pillars

1.1. ROM

1.2. Resisted MRT

1.3. Muscles

1.4. Posture

1.5. Stretches

1.6. Strengthening

1.7. Palpation

1.7.1. integrate info from palpation muscles

1.8. Interview

1.9. NMT

1.10. Trigger Points

1.11. Strengthening


2.1. Have a new look at ROM

2.2. See where they cheat/ compensate

2.3. see the obvious

2.3.1. and interprete the findings correctly

2.4. emails with the start of a tip to get them to website

2.4.1. fore more subscribe or log in

2.4.2. have a number of 20 only available at any time

2.4.3. for more subscribe

2.5. Zou learn this and that who puts it togethe_

2.6. Untitled

3. Tips and Tricks

3.1. Package them

3.2. Clues you can use

3.2.1. Tips and Tricks of the trade

3.2.2. Trendy Trade Tips

3.3. Make them in AurthorIT

3.4. Single them out in the various projects as extra chapters

3.5. Untitled

4. Subscribe to tutorials for limited time

4.1. 30 per year

4.2. 60 2 yeRS

4.3. 90 3 YEARS

4.4. 25 for stet of ten

4.5. subscribe to do a tutorila, course to learn and test yourself

4.6. if you know that send me the answer and receive $25 voucher

5. Test yourself at end

5.1. test yourself with a friend

5.1.1. competition games online

6. Progression

6.1. Do a quiz - if they know the answer they get a discount

6.2. Menu items not available but can link to upgrade

6.3. Combine ROM Resisted

6.4. Combine ROM Posture

6.5. Combine ROM Stretches

6.6. Combine ROM Muscles

6.7. Combine Stretches Muscles

6.8. Combine Posture Muscles

6.9. Combine Posture STretches

6.10. Have updated versions for free to get people roped into advertising again

6.11. OFFLine Sales

6.11.1. Key selling for offline is the bookmarking pages


7.1. multiple years

7.1.1. 1 year $30

7.1.2. 2 years $50 etc

7.2. Different combinations

7.3. Tutorials

7.4. Tips and Tricks

8. Tutorials


9.1. What you should do with images

9.1.1. the sites I sent to Anne

9.1.2. Untitled

10. TO DO

10.1. TO DO in AuthoIT

10.1.1. Create Book with Everything check out links

10.1.2. Have web conditions as AuthorIT html with printable version for people who want home pages

10.1.3. PUBLISHING create 3 panels open index html add extra percentage 3rd panel for advertising To change colour hyperlink open docstylesheet.css change a:link Left Panel change background and font colour open tocstylesheet.css MAYBE NOT IN THE END! Untitled Left Panel insert image open toc.htm insert code at bottom

10.1.4. BOOKS ALL create for download templade showing body side on in flexion link with image back to main site Layout Think of background layout for contrast Integrate directional terms into all books Angular Movements integrate images write examples Check the distances between the cells Get anchors in (=create subdocs) to link to link to from the top of the page Integrate on each page In this section See Also

10.1.5. BOOK ROM CHANGES check whether tip 146 and 164 doubles up somewhere SHOW Spoine flexion avoid flexion knes spine lateral flexion ADD Tissues involved Shoulder Abductio p[ermit take away tip with upward rotation Add tip horiz medial rotation for example feel for adduction compensation multiple alternatives split them in two Wrist extensors fett HIP Neck extension muslces check the links Knee ANKLE Untitled wrist related tests For MRTs I do not need antagonist muscles differentiate hip and hsoulder horiz rotators from normal rotators Do related tests Check mss are linked in Split wrist extesors und flexors in wrist and wrist und finger Change Resisted Tests to MRT everywhere is that what they are called? Check whether Related Tests are linked Check joints are split in directly and indirectly affected can do at later stage Shoulder horiz ext change image mehr platz rechts ALL ROM MEasurements CHECK TIPS Tip 122 124 combine 144??? 130 doubking up??? 170 double link glute firing test reconcile with hip extension notes 163 double 173 differentiate between rotation and abduction adduction 175 make sketch and linhk ILL 192 202 205 double? 208 double? 266 check relationships to ROM 284 double up? 289 is dcheckedwaiting to be changed Spine Lateral Flexion ALTERNATIVE Measurement 290 doubl3e? 309 anderes bild 316 drawing 317 drawing 319 correct procedure 2 und other image remove current 320 Create image 322 link tip 2 to ecdentric contractions 324 modify image to supine 331 make link to reversed gravitational effects 334 bindestrich in titel 347 to do 348 to do and check doing some for medial rotation as well ROM SHoulder Add 10256 avoid find link flexion of spine show v Untitled Elbow Extension related TEsts Hip joints involved check Check Pronation Supination of foot Muscle contractions overview 15382 Create recording ROM next to measuring ROM Check MMT Testing and Pain sensations weak and painful Do Speed ROM Do speed resisted Do speed resisted and ROM AROM and PROM Walk before you run Section on HOW TO USE SOFTWARE Avoid/permit Have just NECK FLEXION AROM PROM Related TEsts two colums

10.1.6. Publishing Issues To wrap long menu make current topic bold Change colour of hyperlinks CHANGED THE TEMPLATES FOLDER IN THE TESTER BOOK IN ROM

10.1.7. Empty the Choose from the following field???

10.2. HARALD

10.2.1. Plugins which is best visitor counter welche plugins benutzt er pop ups inline reading was nimmt er fuer tabs plugin

10.2.2. Setup html with guard how easy to crack? how easy to find source file necessary to change the address often? avoid bypassing the registration inserted as iframe menu does not work set up as wordpress lot of work

10.2.3. put all text into wordpress to encourage search engines

10.2.4. Protection Try find source code in unprotected pages Try to find source code in protected pages drag on tablet

10.2.5. What about tablets and smart phones

10.2.6. What happens if I have people go through the paid gate way what is protected ? just page everything downstream? Untitled

10.2.7. Set up All for one multisite plugins compatible was ist wenn nicht? Untitled

10.2.8. How to have different panels in the page, like 3 on top, 2 on bottom

10.2.9. wie kann man schuetzen

10.2.10. wie am besten SEO engine optimisation

10.2.11. Google ads einbauen

10.2.12. Wie mache ich Tips

10.2.13. Bausteine die sich wiederholen

10.2.14. Promote

10.2.15. Protect

10.2.16. Show S2

10.2.17. how to optimise for tablet mobile

10.2.18. writing apps for tablet any experience?

10.2.19. How to convert to WP from html files buddypress?

10.2.20. set up backups automatically wohin

10.2.21. verschieden templates wie machen verschieden menus in templates im sideabr verschieden themen - andere wp installation? koennte versch farben fuer verschiedene Abschnitte haben

10.2.22. Black index in Authorit publishing

10.2.23. TABLET get rid of ad

10.2.24. Menu in Authorit wieso oeffnet nicht wie kann ich das machen das die aufgerufene Seite dunkler ist finden in anderem computer

10.3. Have SAMPLE WP SITE for Massagetherapists

10.3.1. plugins

10.3.2. images

10.3.3. text

10.4. Develop LOGO

10.5. Trigger Points

10.5.1. find out fiber direction of muscles