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Stories por Mind Map: Stories

1. The Sniper

1.1. Theme

1.1.1. The war is too cruel. In the civil war, people have to kill people who is from the same country. Maybe sometimes people will kill the person they recognized.

1.2. Setting

1.2.1. On the rooftop at night in Dublin

1.3. Character

1.3.1. the Republicans sniper crude, clever If he did not take the risk to smoke, his brother and he would not kill each other. But, he thought a good ruse to kill his enemy.

1.3.2. the Free States sniper ( the sniper's brother) careless He was killed by the sniper because he was tricked by the sniper. Also, he didn't found that it is a trick.

1.3.3. the old woman( an informer) She told the person who was the member in the Free States and let him know the Republicans sniper was on the rooftop.

1.4. Literary Device

1.4.1. simile "Here and there through the city, machine guns and rifles broke the silence of the night,spasmodically, like dogs barking on lone farms."(p1) Because it uses a comparison between the sounds of machine guns and rifles and dogs barking. It uses "like".

1.4.2. Hyperbole "The sniper thought the noise would wake the dead."(p2) It means the gun create the sound is too loud, but it doesn't mean it will let people dead, so it exaggerates.

1.4.3. Irony "The sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother's face." (p3) It tells readers here that the sniper kills his brother. It just let readers know how cruel war it is.

1.5. plot

1.5.1. introduction Two different parties which are Free States and Republicans are fighting. The sniper wants to take a risk to smoke.

1.5.2. rising action The sniper's right arm is injured.

1.5.3. climax The sniper decides to be killed or kill his enemy.

1.5.4. falling action He kills his enemy successfully.

1.5.5. resolution The sniper finds that he kills his brother.

1.6. conflict

1.6.1. The sniper VS himself He decides to kill his enemy or to be killed.

1.6.2. The sniper VS his enemy (brother) They wants to kill each other.

1.6.3. The civil war Republicans and Free States wants to kill each other.

2. Just Lather, that's all

2.1. Theme

2.1.1. The war is so cruel. People have to kill each other until they have no emotion during they kill person.

2.2. Setting

2.2.1. In the barbershop

2.2.2. During the civil war

2.3. Character

2.3.1. the barber selfish, timid When he decided whether decided Captain Torres or not, he only thought his life in the future and not thought his members.

2.3.2. Captain Torres clever, calm, brave Before he came to the barbershop, he knew that the barber wanted to kill him, but he still wanted to see the barber.

2.4. Literary Device

2.4.1. foreshadowing "When I recognized him I started to tremble."(p1) The barber's emotion let readers know it must has something happened about these two person.

2.4.2. Onomatopoeia "Zip, zip" (p3) This is the sound that likes the barber uses his razor to cut Torres' throat.

2.4.3. Simile "He should have let it grow like some poets or priests do."(p2) It uses a comparison between the Torres' beard and the poets' or priests' beard. It uses "like". "And the blood would keep inching along the floor, warm, ineradicable, uncontainable, until it reached the street, like a little scarlet stream."(p3) It uses a comparison between the blood and the little scarlet stream. It uses "like". "The skin would give way like silk, like rubber, like the strop."(p3) It uses a comparison between the skin and silk, rubber, and the strop. It uses "like".

2.5. plot

2.5.1. introduction Captain Torres enters into the barbershop, and the barber gets tremble because they are enemies.

2.5.2. rising action Captain Torres tells the barber he has killed many enemies.

2.5.3. climax The barber decides whether or not to kill Captain Torres.

2.5.4. falling action He decides not to kill Captain Torres.

2.5.5. resolution Actually, Captain Torres already knew the barber want to kill him, but he still came to see the barber.

2.6. conflict

2.6.1. The barber VS himself The barber decides whether or not to kill Captain Torres. He decides not to kill Captain Torres.

2.6.2. The barber VS Captain Torres They are enemies. They did not kill each other.

2.6.3. the civil war Two different parties kill each other. It still going on.