Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure par Mind Map: Force and Pressure

1. measured using a force-meter

1.1. spring balances are force-meter

1.1.1. compression spring balance

1.1.2. extension spring balance

2. what are the important factors around us?

2.1. gravitational force

2.1.1. weight

2.1.2. pulls object towards the earth

2.2. magnetic force

2.2.1. can attract magnetic objects

2.3. frictional force

2.3.1. occurs whever 1/2 moving sufaces are in contact with each other. the moving object will slow down

2.3.2. causes wear and tear

2.3.3. makes movement more difficult

3. what are the effects of Force?

3.1. change the speed of a moving object

3.2. change the shape or size of an object

3.3. start or stop a moving object

3.4. change the direction of a moving object

4. what is a force?

4.1. a force is a push or a pull

5. How can we measure a force?