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Syllable par Mind Map: Syllable

1. closed

2. The main classification of syllables with vowels

3. covered

4. uncovered

5. open

6. Speech flow

6.1. the peak of prominence

6.2. the valley of prominence

7. Speech sound

7.1. Syllabic

7.2. Non-syllabic

8. The main classification of syllables with sonorants

8.1. Ş type

8.2. CŞ type

8.3. CŞC type

9. The main rules of the syllable division

9.1. The sequence of /’CVCV/ may include two open syllables if the stressed vowel is a long monophthong or a diphthong.

9.2. The sequence of /’CVCV/ has a closed syllable and an open one /'CVC-V/ if the stressed vowel is a short monophthong.

9.3. Short and long monophthongs' and diphthongs make for an open type syllable it they are unstressed and are separated from the adjacent vowels by only one consonant.

10. the phonetic syllable division

11. the orthographic syllable division

12. Functions

12.1. constitutive

12.2. distinctive

12.3. recognitive