Short films: what I didn't know.

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Short films: what I didn't know. par Mind Map: Short films: what I didn't know.

1. Timings

1.1. They don't have to be a set time to fit into a certain catagory.

1.2. The range for a short film can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 45 minutes.

2. Steriotypes work

2.1. They can be used to set up the film, as there is only a short period of time to intorduce characters.

3. Actors.

3.1. Can have famous actors in them.

3.1.1. But isn't always nesessary.

3.2. Professional actors are improtant, especially when there is no dialogue.

4. Cost.

4.1. Short films have to find their own funding, just like feature length films.

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Short films can cost any amount of money. Even as much as a feature length film.

5. Keep it simple.

5.1. Needs to be artistic.

5.2. Doesn't nesessarily need a storyline.

5.3. Can be experimental.

5.4. Quirky works well.

6. Less is more.

6.1. Minimalistic.

6.2. Doesn't always require titles.

6.3. Doesn't need and exciting location.

7. Continuity.

7.1. Continuity doesn't matter

7.1.1. It isn;t always improtant, when there are other things to focus on.