Connect with others using online resourses

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Connect with others using online resourses par Mind Map: Connect with others using online resourses

1. Staffm UK. it’s part blog, part social media.

2. facebook. find Teachers groups and ideas to join.

3. twitter .search for popular education hashtags to find other teachers, resources, and lesson ideas

4. Podcast. Edreach is a site that features several education podcasts

5. Linkedin. there are several educational related groups.

6. Personal network use your friends from all over the world to share with your students.

7. IB is a great way to understand how others are doing this connectivity.

8. British Council partner zone. Using technology to connect with schools in other countries

9. Palm Beach School Board is open to engagement with International schools to work togehter as partners to enhace Multicultural Education.

10. Pen pal letters also provide an avenue to create better writers via an authentic audience.