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1. Always have a back up plan

1.1. Never just have one set plan for the day, have an additional plan if something doesn't seem to be working

2. Respect. Treat students with respect so that it is more likely to be reciprocated.

3. Give students choices

3.1. Let students feel like they are in control of some aspects of their learning. Let them know of the consequences if they take advantage of privileges

4. Create and establish classroom rules with students on day one

4.1. 1. Treat others how you would like to be treated 2. Raise your hand 3. Listen to the teacher and to others

5. Pay attention to any negative behaviour

5.1. Separate overly chatty or conflicting students

6. Create a Daily Routine so students feel structured and organized

6.1. Have students perform tasks daily such as: - wash hands before lunch - stacking chairs at the end of day

7. Leave room for fun!

7.1. Try to not be so strict all the time and leave room to have fun. Let students let off some steam by getting active.

8. Create an atmosphere that students feel welcome and safe in.

8.1. Develop relationships with students and encourage them to let you know if they are struggling.

9. Get the students engaged and involved with some of the planning

9.1. Let students help you out! Such as: - helping hand out papers - asking for volunteers

10. Give attention to the students that need more support

10.1. Give more support and encouragement to the students that may need more time to learn or finish a task