The Key to Success is to Do What Nobody Else is Prepared to Do

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The Key to Success is to Do What Nobody Else is Prepared to Do により Mind Map: The Key to Success is to Do What Nobody Else is Prepared to Do

1. Innate talent and love for one’s craft will always be convincing arguments for why one individual achieves more in a certain field than another. But there has to be something more.

1.1. There has to be a different component that drives people to take things a step further. This one thing makes the ultimate difference in what they are able to accomplish.

2. What am I doing that nobody else is doing? This is the question that will set you apart from the competition.

2.1. This is the question that will truly lead to a next-level version of whatever it is you are trying to achieve. This is what will lead you to be the ultimate version of the person you are trying to become.

2.2. No matter what profession you are in or what dream you are chasing, if you consistently ask yourself this question, and you consistently come up with a valid answer, you will be in a position that surpasses everybody else.

3. Examples

3.1. If you are a singer, are you doing an extra hour of practicing even after a long rehearsal?

3.2. If you are a writer, are you reading five articles every day and taking detailed notes about what is working and what is not?

3.3. If you are a lawyer, are you watching trials every day attempting to understand how best to convince the jury?

4. When you think about different ways in which you can deviate from the norm, you are forced to come up with creative ways to spend time perfecting your craft.

4.1. And when you do this, you will have better stories to tell, better lessons to share, and most of all, better opportunities to stand out and accomplish something remarkable.