Facilitating Online Meetings with Mind Maps (BiggerPlate Webinar 23 05 2020)

Meeting management with mind maps and tasks. How to facilitate meetings with mind maps

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Facilitating Online Meetings with Mind Maps (BiggerPlate Webinar 23 05 2020) により Mind Map: Facilitating Online Meetings with Mind Maps (BiggerPlate Webinar 23 05 2020)

1. Tooling

1.1. MindMeister

1.1.1. Online Mind Mapping

1.1.2. Why Realtime Collaboration Engaging Presentations Meeting Attachments Comment & Voting Actionable

1.2. MeisterTask

1.2.1. Task Management (for teams)

1.2.2. Why Based on Kanban Collaborative Visual Integrates with Mail

1.3. Increase productivity

1.3.1. Example

2. 5 reasons why mind mapping is better for meeting management

2.1. Effective agenda

2.1.1. Clear structure

2.1.2. Overview

2.2. Visual & attractive minutes

2.3. Create tasks with buy-in

2.4. Share minutes immediately

2.5. Increase ROI of meeting

3. Before meeting

3.1. Start with

3.1.1. Meeting objective Purpose Do we need to meet? Reason for meeting Outcome, eg: Understanding Alignment of people on item Actions Decisions

3.1.2. Define Host Mind mapper/ note taker Participants

3.1.3. Brainstorm items With a mind map

3.1.4. Prioritize agenda items

3.2. Effective agenda

3.2.1. Add who is handling item

3.2.2. Attach documents

3.2.3. Add links

3.3. Finishing touches

3.3.1. Send in advance

3.3.2. Make it a template (recurring meetings)

4. Host facilitation

4.1. Real-time capturing of discussion

4.1.1. Minutes later vs Real time visible: Tell me and I forget Show me and I remember Involve me and I understand

4.1.2. Face to face Share on one screen Participants follow the meeting Contribute/ revise

4.1.3. Online Members can join See notes in realtime

4.1.4. Hybrid Combination of in-room + online

4.2. Opens the meeting

4.2.1. Participants join In-room Online

4.2.2. Informs about process

4.2.3. Host gives the word to participant

4.3. Keep participants engaged

4.3.1. Real time minutes

4.3.2. Participants feels heard & understood

4.3.3. Vote & chat

5. Mind mapper facilitation

5.1. How

5.1.1. Mind map open Showing main topics Starts at 1 o'clock

5.1.2. Walk through agenda

5.1.3. Collects notes in map When unclear ask to clarify

5.1.4. Use Colors orange Codes Done Road block Work in progress

5.2. Notes become visual

5.2.1. Structured

5.2.2. Use Colors Icons Images Relations

5.2.3. also Voting Task Task Create tasks with buy-in of members

6. Post meeting

6.1. Share link to mind map upon completion

6.2. Review and add

6.2.1. Attachments

6.2.2. documents

6.2.3. links are accessible

6.3. Send tasks

6.3.1. Mind map

6.3.2. MeisterTask