Glassdoor Reviews

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Glassdoor Reviews により Mind Map: Glassdoor Reviews

1. Flexible working opportunities

2. Great work-life balance

3. Good social life

4. They are: Customer focussed, Supportive, Trusting.

5. Good overall package with generous pension provision

6. The people you work with are positive

7. Systems and processes are archaic which inhibits more efficient ways of working

8. Bureaucracy

9. Most managers are still employing outdated thinking and not realising their staff's full potential

10. A good range of benefits - good pension and holiday allowance

11. Has adapted well to home working. (COVID 19)

12. Friendly working atmosphere and culture

13. Poor career progression

14. Opportunities to grow are limited

15. Work is repetitive and boring

16. Hard to climb up the ladder

17. Too many meeting

18. Top positive I think is the flexible working

19. Unprofessional HR function

20. Terrible staff training

21. Terrible pay.....much less than other companies of similar business.

22. Communication is poor

23. Poor management

24. People are actually empowered to get on with the job they know how to do best

25. A forward thinking company who likes to use the knowledge of its staff to shape its future ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do

26. The company has its values embedded

27. We feel valued, respected and empowered in our job

28. We are actively encouraged to come up with ideas and areas for improvement and feedback really does get taken on board