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Nile により Mind Map: Nile

1. Religion

1.1. Believed in gods and goddesses

1.2. Buried Pharos in tombs

2. Geography & Agriculture

2.1. They lived in the desert lands.

2.2. The Nile Delta had the richest and most fertile soil.

2.3. The Nile River was the main water source./longest river.

2.4. They built temples, pyramids, and columns.

3. Social Structure and Family

3.1. Highly structure orgazation were ruled by pharos

3.2. burial practies

3.3. Worship gods

4. religion

4.1. god of sun/wisdom

4.2. pharoh a ruler and a god maker of laws & leader of armies.

4.3. led people of egypt in the gods like himself/ancestors

4.4. godness, lords, gods-medicine healing ancient- people from old kingdom

4.5. gods controlled all nature events

4.5.1. New Node

5. Economy and Trade

5.1. Trade routes were not always safe

5.2. Bandits and hostiles tribes sometimes attacked merchants

5.3. Kingdoms had to protect their merchants

5.4. Interest

5.5. They grew crops by the Nile

6. Government & Leaders

6.1. Two different Kingdoms

6.2. Menes was a leader of a city.

6.3. There were kings and lords.

7. gsgd

8. Indus

8.1. Geography & Agriculture

8.1.1. The Indus flows flows across northwest Indian subcontinets.

8.1.2. Havey rains help northren plains

8.1.3. Durning summer mushrooms clouds bring warm winds

8.1.4. Heavy rains come from Indian Ocean

8.2. Religion

8.2.1. Prayed to Indra (ruled heaven)

8.2.2. worshiped gods through fire sacrafices

8.2.3. grew more complex

8.3. Social Structure and Family

8.3.1. Two social classes (varanas)

8.3.2. depending on the class there were different duties

8.3.3. Castes

8.4. Government & Leaders

8.4.1. Leaders of villages

8.4.2. Religion Leaders

8.4.3. Raja

8.5. Economy & Trade

8.5.1. Agriculture trade

8.5.2. specialized in pottery metal work and jewerly

8.5.3. traded goods with nearby civilizations.

8.6. Science & Technology

8.6.1. sacred writings called the Vedas

8.6.2. painting showed stories and hitory

8.7. Arts and Education

8.7.1. Pottery

8.7.2. Metal arts

8.7.3. Jewelry

8.7.4. Painting on walls showed stories