Education Metric For Affiliates

Education Content Metric

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Education Metric For Affiliates 저자: Mind Map: Education Metric For Affiliates

1. Goals

1.1. To Measure Performance and Optimize and Understand Affiliate's Insight

1.1.1. Channel Social Media Youtube Linkedin Telegram Websites Email Marketing Recipeints Open times/rate Unsubscribe How to measure: "Megafic"

1.1.2. Facebook Reach (Numbers of people) Impression Audience Demographic Page likes & Follows New Likes New UnLikes New Follow New Unfollow Engagement on posts Reactions Share Comment Referral Traffic Source Facebook Others Blogs Twitter What Tools: "Facebook Analytic" Free Available

2. When measure?

2.1. Annual

2.1.1. Action Anual Performance Content Report

2.2. Monthly

2.2.1. Action Monthly Performance Content Report

2.3. Quarterly

2.3.1. Action Quarterly Performance Content Report

3. Resource

3.1. 01 Content Team Leader