When do we stop?

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When do we stop? 저자: Mind Map: When do we stop?

1. 7.The Pause That Refreshes Heuristic

1.1. tired? bored?

1.1.1. need coffee break, to refresh, to concentrate more

1.1.2. instead of automatically doing things, start to think differently

1.2. research

1.2.1. learning

1.2.2. investigate in other areas, go further and wider

1.3. reflect

1.3.1. planning

1.3.2. priority

1.3.3. crucial findings

1.4. not to stop reason

2. 8. The Flatline Heuristic

2.1. program crash

2.2. program stable

2.3. not to stop reason

2.3.1. lack important test?

2.3.2. enough variation?

2.3.3. enough load?

2.3.4. soak test is needed (e.g. memory leak)

2.3.5. enough information?

3. 9.The Customary Conclusion Heuristic

3.1. follow existing test cycles/cases/procedure

3.2. not context driven

4. 10.No more interesting questions

4.1. no risk big enough to worth continuing testing

4.2. not to stop reasons

4.2.1. potential information/points might be missed

5. 11.The Avoidance/Indifference Heuristic

5.1. laziness

5.2. management decision: no caring about testing result, go ahead to release it.

5.2.1. forced by business pressure.

6. Questions on each topic

6.1. What did we learn from document?

6.2. Is there something we misunderstand?

6.3. Do we use any of the heuristics listed in our workplace?

6.4. What ideas do you disagree on and why?