AR Adding Layers to Reaility

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AR Adding Layers to Reaility 저자: Mind Map: AR Adding Layers to Reaility

1. Software Knowledge

1.1. Complex AR

1.1.1. GPS Location Referencing

1.1.2. Reponsive AR Human Interaction Communication Responses Human Responses Requriements Privacy

1.2. Simple AR

1.2.1. Symbol Recognition Effectivness?

1.2.2. Geometry Placment

2. Additive AR Experience

2.1. Content

2.1.1. Equipment Hololens Compatiability Accesability Smart Phones Everyone has one Android Tablets

2.2. Accessability

2.3. Legability

3. AR Additive Reality Applications

3.1. Applications

3.1.1. Design visualisaitons Architectural Visualisation Informative Communicative

3.1.2. HUD Notifications Daily Lifystyle Aid Functionality Responsive

3.1.3. Interactivity AR Pokemon Go Community Base Interactivity Progressive Activity

3.1.4. Anime Concerts AR Hatsune Miku Large Concert Audience Community Base Entertaining