The Inbounder 2018 (Day 1)

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The Inbounder 2018 (Day 1) Door Mind Map: The Inbounder 2018 (Day 1)

1. The Inbounder 2018 - ALEYDA SOLÍS - SEO Project Management for Successful Processes

1.1. International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti

1.2. Madrid, ES

2. The Inbounder 2018 - ALBA VARGAS & DARYN SMITH Going Beyond Digital Marketing to Make Your Business Grow

2.1. Head of Scalability - We Are Marketing

2.2. Madrid, ES

3. MELANIE DEZIEL TRUTHful Stories: The 5 Keys to Compelling Brand Content

3.1. Branded Content Consultant

3.2. Professor - Fairleigh Dickinson University

3.2.1. MA course in Content Marketing

3.3. NY/NJ, US


4.1. Co-Founder and Managing Director at Ryte

4.2. Munich, DE

5. BAS VAN DEN BELD - Fake News: Why We Believe Them and Why They Are a Marketing Thing

5.1. Digital Marketing Coach, Speaker, Trainer Marketingcirkel

5.2. The Hague Area, NL

6. TALIA WOLF How to Create Experiences People Love to Convert With

6.1. Founder and Chief Optimizer - Getuplift

6.2. Tel Aviv, IS

7. CINDY KRUM Mobile Search is The New Normal

7.1. Chief Executive Officer at MobileMoxie, LLC

7.2. Director of New Media Strategies

7.2.1. BM

7.3. Denver, US

8. JONO ALDERSON Digital Marketing is Dead: Survival Tips for What Comes Next

8.1. Digital strategist. Marketing technologist. Full stack developer. Futurologist.

8.2. York, UK

9. VALENTINA FALCINELLI Tone of Voice. A Ton of Tips

9.1. Founder, content designer & strategist

9.1.1. Pennamontata

9.2. Rome, IT

10. SAMANTHA NOBLE Paid Media Strategies to Target Customers Throughout the Marketing Funnel

10.1. Paid Media & Digital Marketing Consultant

10.2. London, UK

11. KRISTA SEIDEN - Measurement for Growth

11.1. Product Manager (past product marketing manager)

11.1.1. Google

11.2. San Francisco, US